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    TTB & Gov't Shutdown

    Closed for everything except for the acceptance of your tax payments
  2. captnKB

    Why 7-8 days fermenting a 5 days batch of sugar?

    If your hydrometer is reading at 1.000 or below it is done fermenting and ready to be distilled. Ferments will continue to off gas (bubble) well after they are done fermenting
  3. captnKB

    Greetings From Texas

    @Bikerb13 Your welcome, feel free to ask about anything and everything. Id highly recommend attending the adi conference. Much to be learned and the opportunity to not only connect with vendors but shop around for their services.
  4. captnKB

    Barrel Warning

    If your in need of good barrels I highly recommend @kelvincooperage
  5. captnKB

    Greetings From Texas

    Hi @Bikerb13 welcome to the forum. I know Texas well as I built a distillery in Austin a few years ago. If you need any help with your distillery or have some texas specific questions drop me a line anytime. Distillerynow@gmail.com Cheers, ---KB
  6. captnKB

    Hello from Colorado

    Hi Backset, Cheers and welcome to the forum
  7. captnKB

    Weeping Barrels

    @AnthonyM what kind of humidity are you maintaining around your barrels? Low humidity levels can cause leaking on otherwise good barrels.
  8. captnKB

    Looking for a scale....

    Most legal for trade floor scales rated for a 1000 pounds will only show a resolution of .5 as that is as accurate as they get. The same display is used for many different scales so even if the display can show 1/10th it is unlikely that the 1000 pound rated scale can read those accurately.
  9. captnKB

    Gin flowers

    Rosehips contribute some nice floral aroma without being overwhelming
  10. captnKB


    Hi @Steve Robello, I set up a brewstillery in Arizona and know all the legal ins and out of the paperwork to get licensed as well as the reporting for both the brewery and distillery side. Shoot me a PM with you phone number and ill tell you all about it.
  11. captnKB

    Distillery Now Consulting

    My name is Kris and I am Distiller and distillery engineer, who can help you get your distillery started faster and at an affordable rate. My business Distillery Now Consulting offers a wide range of services and assistance to craft distilleries. We can provide the tools and expertise to design, start up and grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish by focusing on their needs to deliver easily implemented solutions. Whether you need complete distillery design, build out, startup, troubleshooting or help with equipment and recipes I am here to help you. Please contact us at Distillerynow@gmail.com
  12. captnKB

    DIN Gasket material for sight glass?

    our sight glass gaskets are silicone
  13. captnKB

    Amendment to drop DSP Bond Time Line

    The Letter of Commencing you are being asked for is in reference to TTB form F 5110.34 This is a form that all distilleries are supposed to file with the TTB when they start producing. see link below to the form. https://www.ttb.gov/forms/f511034.pdf
  14. captnKB

    How to Pressure Test a still?

    Ill second @PeteB start with a hydrostatic test. Fill your whole still + column with water, you will find out very quickly if you have any leaks
  15. captnKB

    Spirit Storage Vessels (Small Volume)

    There are a few companies out there that make 15 gal stainless milk cans, that might work well for you
  16. captnKB

    Continuous Column Distillation

    a few pics of the continuous I installed and ran in Texas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmkLY3VILqc
  17. captnKB

    Dewatering on the cheap.

    Im curious to hear how well it works for you. What kind of mash are you attempting to dewater? How fine of a grind is your grain?
  18. captnKB

    How are you cleaning bottles

    Yes, the GNS used in rinsing is reported as a loss. On a given bottling run for 1500 bottles we lose about 1.5 gallons of 80 proof GNS to rinsing bottles
  19. captnKB

    How are you cleaning bottles

    Using GNS over the type of spirit being bottled saves us a bit of money on spirits. Using GNS also allows us to leave the rinser assembled and full, with out having to tear it apart and clean it after every bottling. @Lorenzo The TCW rinser has a timer on it bottles are placed on the rinser neck down over the spouts and the bottles are rinsed for a few seconds. We rinse with GNS at the same proof of the spirit we are bottling. I would not reccomend rinsing with water as residual water in the bottle will reduce the proof of your spirits. Ive seen other folks purge their bottles with just compressed air or Co2 but this does not always completely clean out the bottle
  20. captnKB

    Looking to buy used bourbon barrels

    call up the folks at Kelvin Cooperage. They can get you an assortment of used barrels
  21. captnKB

    How are you cleaning bottles

    Most glass always has some kind of particles in it. (dust, bits of cardboard, dirt, residue from the manufacturing process. I use GNS to rinse the bottles at the same proof as the spirit we are bottling. The removes all of the above TCW equipment makes some great affordable, semi auto rinsers.
  22. captnKB

    Continuous Column Distillation

    Ive run a few different types of pumps as beer feed pumps on continuous stills, including flex impeller, centrifugal impeller and lobe pumps. Ive found centrifugal to work best while metered by a valve. As long as your solids are not huge, the valve can meter flow and maintain flow to within 0.1 GPM no problem. For a centrifugal pump to work properly in this application if must be mounted below the beer well. The head pressure of beer above and head pressure of the outlet will prevent any cavitation from occurring. @PeteB if you are looking for a turnkey pump solution with pump motor and VFD the folks at TCW equipment have a few good options they can sell you.
  23. captnKB

    Continuous Column Distillation

    @PeteB for your beer pump ive found that a standard centrifugal pump works best, and then meter your flow rate with a valve. This will yield the most consistent flow rate as long as you are pumping consistent mash.
  24. captnKB

    Continuous Column Distillation

    Hi Toddy, I have never encountered a 12" column from Vendome before. Is it a single pass or just a stripping column?
  25. captnKB

    Sales Rep & Brand Ambassador Compensation?

    Hi Victor, Ive always set aside one third of my operating budget to go towards the sales team. Dont count on your distributor selling a single bottle for you. Your distributor is there to distribute your product, it is your sales team's job to make the sell. On the compensation side of things I have found a pay structure that is heavily performance/incentive based for a sales person will yield the highest ROI.