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    Hi Jeff, welcome to the forum, and why are you yelling? Also the folks at Amoretti are great and they make excellent flavors.
  2. captnKB

    Fermenter Cooling and Temperature Design

    @Lorenzo We are maintaining ferment temps as low as 70 and as high as 85. Using chilled water to crash your wash to temp and collecting the outgoing hotwater to be recycled for your next cook is the best use of your energy.
  3. captnKB

    Stripping still wanted

    hit up @Southernhighlander he can get you a good price and an excellent stripping still. I run a 500 gal stripping still from him and love it.
  4. captnKB

    Fermenter Cooling and Temperature Design

    There are a lot of different ways to achieve cooling. Chilled water is one way to approach it, my preference for fermentor cooling is glycol, as it requires less maintenance and treatment than water. Are you planning to use your outflowing water in process or just cool and recirc?
  5. captnKB

    Getting started, a building.

    doing a distillery on septic will be tough unless you are extremely conservative with you water use. Your water usage is going to heavily depend on how you build out and your process flow.
  6. solid can of worms you have opened @Deepak Panwar Im excited to watch the discussion unfold.
  7. captnKB

    Glass Costs

    Yeah ive seen glass prices shoot up this year from our vendor too.
  8. captnKB

    Introduction - Don Williams

    Hi Don, Welcome to the forum. If you ever find yourself in Arizona, let me know and id be happy to show you my distillery. In the mean time best of luck in getting into our amazing industry. Cheers, ---KB
  9. captnKB

    Hot vs Cold Water Barrel Prep

    the latest issue of artisan spirit mag has a great article on barrel care. Check it out. http://artisanspiritmag.com/summer-2018/ On a side note. We use barrels from Kelvin Cooperage and they are fantastic, their barrels always arrive water tight and ready to be filled immediately, no swelling needed.
  10. captnKB

    Mashbill in pounds

    This is a very rough calculation and the number will vary widely based on grain grind and mash bill on average for me a 100 pounds of grain cooked takes up the water volume of 12 gallons. 50 gallons of water 100 pounds of grain Yields about 62 gallons of mash Some volume will be lost to vapor if you are bringing your mash to a boil
  11. In california it seems like the laws are soon to change, which will allow california distilleries to sell bottles out of our tasting rooms, I am trying to estimate how much revenue could come from a tasting room selling soft goods and bottles direct to the consumer. If anyone out there is willing to share I would like to hear how much revenue your tasting room generates on a monthly basis. Thanks, ---KB
  12. captnKB

    Advice on where to hire Sales Reps

    Find the best sales people working for your distributor and hire them
  13. captnKB

    Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger Design and vendors

    I know Paul @Southernhighlander makes them. I have not seen one in action, but ive heard his are solid.
  14. captnKB

    What am I getting into?

    Hi Colonel, if you ever find yourself in Arizona come pay us a visit at Grand Canyon Distillery. Im always happy to show other industry folks our facility and talk shop.
  15. captnKB

    Checking Fill Level (27 CFR 19.356)

    Ill second @Silk City Distillers Mass is the way to go on volume fill test. It is definitive and accurate. With a good volumetric bottle filler like a Mori filler it is easier to be within 1% at all times as long as your glass is consistent and the filler is calibrated to the temp of your spirits.
  16. captnKB

    Canned Cocktails?

    I believe cutwater cans in house. Not sure of their process
  17. captnKB

    Warning-Atlas Barrel Fraud

    Sorry to hear you may have gotten ripped off. We use Kelvin Cooperage and they supply with excellent barrels at a reasonable cost
  18. We are running a 500 gal stripping still build for us by affordable distilling and are pleased with it
  19. captnKB

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    I completely agree with @Dehner Distillery above. There is a huge amount of complexity and details that go into a continuous column still install that is completely different, than a batch still. If you are going to jump into the continuous column game it is critical to have someone with experience to help guide you to ensure your still gets up and running quickly, safely and fully functional.
  20. captnKB

    Record keeping software help

    We use Distillery Solutions and it works great. With that said you should have someone on your team who understands TTB distilled spirits regs and knows how to do paperwork without the aid of software. Your data is only as good as the people who generate it. Best to hire a competent distiller or consultant to set you on the right track with record keeping.
  21. captnKB

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    id be happy to tell you all about Forsyth columns and get you connected with some folks from Forsyth. Give me a call. Ill PM you my number
  22. captnKB

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    @indyspiritscheck out Forsyth. I installed and ran a 16" continuous column from them and it produced some fantastic spirits.
  23. captnKB

    Barrel storage

    Anyone out there tried this setup?
  24. captnKB

    Bardstown 1792 Rickhouse Collapse

    No Idea who build it but the second half of the old rickhouse just fell down. http://www.wlky.com/article/second-half-of-barton-1792-liquor-aging-warehouse-collapses-no-injuries-reported/22050471
  25. captnKB

    Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    hit up TCW they will get you fixed up with everything you need to bottle