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  1. We have a 580 gallon MetalCraft fermentation tank here on the site. I think we are about 2 hours away from each other. Check out the pictures and tell me about the 500gallon pot for sale.
  2. In the world of wine and blending etc. When adding one liquid to another we always allow the 2 liquids to set or as we call( the marriage). Any mixture or 2 liquids coming together have to arrange themselves as to come to a equilibrium. The taking in of heat or giving off of heat can also be noticed. All I have read shows bringing to the desired proof through mixing with quality water then waiting a few weeks and checking again the proof. Be patient in all your experiments. Many of these situations can be worked out in advance doing small experiments in your lab area using small mixes. $
  3. I have recently started a distillery in southern IL. I own a 5 ton chiller and have thought of a system similar to this. I think it is a great idea unless there is any chance of the condenser cracking and alowing glycol into your product. That would be deadly. The risk of that would seem low but a consideration. I use a air driven pump that circulates water from a outdoor tank to the still and back out again. I think you have a great idea. You can set your water temp.
  4. Hi Brad: I am very new to this but run a closed system using a air-driven 1in inlet/outlet pump. I went with this to have one less potential electrical hazard/fire/explosion situation. I re-circulate water into a 80gallon Flex tank that I used in winemaking. I have one pipe breaking off with value to regulate flow to deplemator and a straight flow to condenser. The top outlets of both come out and drop to flex tank. The tank sets outside where water is nearly ice. On bottom of Flextank I have return using old 1in sanitary pump tubing back to intake on air pump. I hand regulate the psi
  5. Background: It might be assumed that an electric heated still would be grounded within the electrical panel box. A recent still purchase recommends the still be static grounded to the concrete. I have discussed this with multiple electricians without a straight forward answer. So if you do a search you are taken into a big body of information on static grounding or bonding of containers. Obviously to prevent a fire/explosion. These rules are applied to transfer of many flammable liquids. Question: Are these rules of bonding and static grounding applied in micro-distillery? Do y
  6. I comment as a commercial winemaker and only recently am moving into distilling. Wort like grape juice have several things in common. Every mixture/liquid/chemical etc has some pH. It has a total acidity based on multiple different acids in the mix. Don't mix up Total Acidity and Ph as they are not the same ... So to me all fermentations start with a sound pH that you have adjusted prior to fermentation. The pH of different wort mixtures you will have to ask. I know wine only. If you don't know the pH of the solution your just playing around and giving a guess. If the pH is correct fo
  7. I can only comment as a wine maker and chemist. Activated charcoal will decolorize many things. I have taken wine that had a ugly salmon pink color to a almost clear. Obviously you can over do anything. So I would consider taking a portion of the product say a small cup or beaker. divide this into 2 amounts. Decolorize one of the amounts and then slowly add to the other position. But do this in a very accurate way. So lets say you have 5 tsp of product in one glass (A) and you slowly drop the decolorize B into A. If you find the color you want then you have a ratio of how much you wi
  8. The tank has a top stainless Ferm Lock. A manway on top with 2 inch ferrule. On lower front additional Manway , sample port, 6 inch off the bottom rack port and a floor drain all in 2 inch. The back in single jacketed for glycol. Tank is 6 feet + tall and 48 x 42 in in dimensions. Go to Custom Metal Craft in Springfield MO. There are many pictures. II will upload pictures soon. The tank is 6 years old but looks new. You can harm them. The asking price is $3200. This is top of the line equipment. Probably about 440 pounds. Located in Carbondale IL 62902. Tank on the left in picture b
  9. In my near retirement I decided to move my winery to a small distillery. I checked around and asked myself if I wanted to spend all my retirement savings on a still that deserves a million dollar building or did I want to learn to operate a still and make good quality product. I did my research and found Affordable Distillery out of MO. Half of life is being able to ask the right question and if you don't you might get a odd response. So before you talk with a company that sells distilling equipment you need to do some homework. If your a know it all then make your own still. T
  10. I am wanting to sell a 580 gallon Custom Metal Craft Wine fermentation/storage tank with double jacket, manway and 2 - 2inch ports. Where do I go to list properly? I will be taking pictures of this weekend. Although used excellent quality. You can also go to the Custom Metal Craft site out of MO and see there 500 gallon max580 tanks. I am down sizing my winery and wanting some open top fermentation in stead of the large tanks.
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