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  1. I could ship but do make trips to that side. How soon do you need it? I have a friend going that way in a month or so. Let me know. Greg
  2. Would be interested in 4 of the bubble plate assemblies

  3. For sale is a 4 spout Zambelli Tivoli stainless steel bottler. I have the bottle tray also(no pic). I purchased used a year ago but went another direction on my growth. This unit does not come with pump but the company on the front can get it for you or use your own. Shipping is buyers responsibility. Please contact for more info if needed. Location is Loon Lake WA 99148 $600. OBO
  4. I have 6, 6" copper bubble cap plate assemblies that I purchased from Still Dragon. They are used but in good shape. Asking $350. plus shipping. Thanks,
  5. This is a 6" tri-clamp stainless dephelgmator that I purchased from Still Dragon. 6" high, 2 x 1/2"ports for water inlet. $200 plus shipping. thanks,
  6. 10 - 3" gold sight glass kits, used, 1 peice of glass cracked, need cleaning. Originally purchased from still dragon. $45/set from them. Asking $200., shipping costs negotiable. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Looking to purchase the 750ml. Contesa Supreme if anyone has some. Got these from Bruni but discontinued. Thanks, Contesa 750ml.pdf
  8. Hello, Trying to get some input on economically heating a 650 gallon, stainless steel ibc tote. It will be used as a stripping still only so looks are not important. I am currently running 6-5500watt elements to heat my 260 gallon bain marie and could use that power for the stripping still as they will not be run at the same time. Do not want to use direct elements. Does anyone have experience with the silicone hi heat pads? Or do I need to break down and get into steam? Thanks for any advice!
  9. They are currently in Spokane Washington at my friends yard. We are trying to find a day in the next week or two to get them to my Distillery. I'm in Loon Lake. 2 Loons Distillery.
  10. I have purchased about 18 pallets of American made "Tennessee", 750ml glass bottles from a friend who purchased them in a shipping container sale. The container looks to have jostled around a bit but most everything seems intact minus the boxes being a little mashed. SEE PHOTOS. The pallet in the front took the brunt of the damage as you can see. I will not need all of these for my operation and would be willing to sell some pallets for a reasonable offer. I will be checking the pallets before I ship to you for any obvious damage and secure properly. Feel free to come and see them before you buy. 840 bottles per pallet, 6 per case. $700.per pallet or best offer. You pay shipping, or come get. I could possibly help with delivery depending on amount ordered and location. Let me know if your interested and we can talk. Greg
  11. Pictures and price please. gregschwartz17@msn.com Thanks, Greg 2 Loons Distillery
  12. What sizes? Prices? Available now or built to order? Time frame? Thanks,
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