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150g w/8" 4-plate column Electric Pot Still

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We've moving to steam and are selling our electric powered 150g with 8" 4-plate column Pot Still.  This is from Paul @ Affordable and it's been fantastic.  We've cooked, rectified and distilled on it with great success.  It's fully functional and ready to go - just don't have enough room to keep it.  Paul and his team are awesome for support and future purchases and I'm happy to walk through our operations to assist as needed.  

It will be deconstructed and shipped on two pallets.  






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On 9/9/2018 at 3:31 PM, Southernhighlander said:

We will give unlimited phone and email support for this still to anyone that purchases it.  417-778-6100  paul@distillery-equipment.com


Thanks Paul, 

we purchased the still and sent you an email regarding rewireing the control panel.



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