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Pot Still

  • 4 Inch Copper Still
  • 55 Gallon Rolled American Steel Boiler
  • Copper Mesh
  • Boiler Temperature Gauge
  • Still Temperature Gauge
  • Fire, Steam, or Electric Heating Elements 
  • Water or Glycol Condenser and Hoses
  • Round Fitted Rolling Cart



Jackson  760 644 6806
20190909_122633.thumb.jpg.f4e90648c9bf740dd87c98ecadf9686b.jpg20190909_122706.thumb.jpg.b24df9dd36fe53fa93a1edee39debec6.jpg20190909_122520.thumb.jpg.b14ab358e6f615533c3d1979a356b070.jpg Screenshot_2019-09-09-15-18-28_2.thumb.png.308a9bb742f4d1117a964e6596a84e15.png


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