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what ABV Neutral do you charge your boiler with?


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UL Class 1 Division 1 - Explosion proof motor. remote mounted controls w/ sealed conduit.  C1D1 temperature probes/housings, etc.  Steam-fired.  We were in a picky jurisdiction, however they were fine with the nameplate tags and didn't require any additional system documentation.  Would be the equivalent of ATEX Zone 0/1 I believe.

My point wasn't clear, but it was that pushing for higher proof still charges isn't the only way to skin a cat.  Realize all the cool cats and kittens over in Europe love that higher-proof multi-shot method though.  We charge lower than you, 20%, but this is 100% vapor distilled.

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12 hours ago, Silk City Distillers said:

We charge fairly low, so that our aggregate product proof is near bottling proof, with minimal water additions necessary to adjust to final proof.

Interesting way to do it, does seem like it would speed up the proofing and resting process. When you say "100% vapor distilled", do you mean all your botanicals are in a basket?  If you did a macerated gin (soaking at a higher proof, and then proofing way down I assume) do you think you would end up with a larger "tails" cut doing a run that low?

To answer the original question, I do a macerated gin, soak the botanicals starting at 100 proof, and then proof down to 80 before the actual gin run.

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Maceration based on the type of botanicals seems to work best between 50-60%. However,  based on your formulation, you might want to test various ABV% in small batches to achieve your desired flavor profile.  While there are a lot of variables in making gin from GNS,  it's all quite standard....maceration, vaporisation, etc. Plus a lot depends on your set-up and how you run your still. 


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