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NY distillery looking to distribute in PA,


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We are a brewery/ distillery in NY and would like to distribute in PA , We have started to distribute beer in PA, we would like to follow with our spirits, the process is considerably different. Anyone give any pointers ?

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Hey Steel,

I have some contacts that can also help in this area. Are you still looking for help?

Thank you,


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This basically has all the info one needs to get started:

"The PLCB reviews listing proposals twice a year for regular stock items, which are products available for sale at all brick-and-mortar FWGS stores. Listing proposals are only accepted during the open listing periods. Listing periods are announced via email to all vendors on our distribution list. To request addition of an email address to the distribution list, please contact the Product Selection team. Each listing email announcement contains instructions, a New Item Submission Sheet and deadlines specific to each listing period."

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