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50ml bottles production line.


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Filling 50ml Gin bottles.

I am looking for any info regarding people do large amounts of 50ml bottles. Regarding filling, capping and labeling. 
I am stuck between semi automated setup. 4 spout time based pump filler, manually capping with a “screw gun” or going for a completely automated setup. 
Obviously there fair difference in price setup. Love to hear anyone that is pushing out a few thousand bottles of day, and what they found works best. 


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That's gotta suck. But I'm curious how your search went?
We're entertaining the idea of getting an automatic filling system. I'm also playing around with packaging for 50mL bottles, and I know that bottling, labeling, packing is going to be a lot of work. If we got an automated system that can do 1.5, 750, 375, etc. down to 50mL, that'd be dope.
Definitely going to look for used, so I can't get my heart set on something fancy.

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Hey dmacnz - We specialize in 50ml miniature bottling lines. Our Bottle Filler is semi-automatic and runs 1000+ mini bottles an hour. We also offer labeling and capping as well. Professional, affordable equipment - and NOTHING made in China. Feel free to shoot me an email steve@crusystems.com



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