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when dunder goes bad!!!


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So i started two dunder pits at the same time.

my thinking was to have a back up for if a pit when "bad".

i now have two very different dinder pits. even though they both have the same ingredients the one pit smells like fermented oranges/citus. the other pits is earthy/mouldy. neither smells bad or rotten. there is no sewage smell which is what i read is when its too far gone.


my question is do i try a batch with each? what sort of flavours should i expect from the earthy/mouldy one.



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Ok so I took photos of the two pits. The dark one is the citrus smelling pit (was a greyish colour but topped up with backset) and the white fluffy one .... yes you guessed it.

These two pits are sealed all the time. Should I be leaving the lids off to let them breath or carry on keeping them sealed? 
Should I scrape off the cap on the earthy one and see what she does or keep the protection? 

on a side note. do you use dunder and backset or either dunder or backset? currently i use 10L backset and 3L dunder on a 70L wash



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