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Selling Arizona Glass Bottles

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Hello, we have a client who would like to import a container of Arizona bottles (750ml) directly from China and hopefully then sell some of the pallets to another domestic buyer. Essentially, they would like to split the container to make it more cost effective for everyone. 

Please let us know if you might be interested! We're located in Southern California. 

Thank you,

Paul Chakalian

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Depending on the price for a pallet or three (and freight to Michigan), I might be interested.  Also the cleanliness of the bottles is important too.  If they require anything more than a quick rinse, a cheaper bottle might end up being more expensive.

Fairly minor, but I think that unless they're made by Piramal (I guess PGP Glass now), I'd say they are Arizona style rather than just Arizona.  I know there is a French made bottle that is nearly identical too.

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