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Vendome 150 GL Copper Pot Still, & 10 TN Portable Chiller

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5 Years old Copper 150 Gallon Pot still - Hardly used...

**** Ocean NJ *** 1 Hour from Atlantic City

Pot Still $40,000.00 - $43,000.00 With Chiller

Note: For a 125 Gallon comparative Pot Still new is $67,000.00

and that's without the Agitator & Chiller a $13,000.00 Value

Details of the all copper pot still ... see attached schematic

Micro-Distilling ...

150 Gallon Vendome All Copper Steam Jacketed Pot Still

4 Bubble plates in the 17" column.

16 inch manway

2 condensers & Product cooler

Large Trap door at bottom to release solids.

Explosion Proof BRAUN Agitator built in to pot

Temptek - 10 Ton Chiller Temptek CF10A - Voltage 230/3/60 to supply cooling water for condensation.

Pot still is a steam jacketed vessel currently connected to a 400 BTU boiler

Pot Still measures 10 feet 10 inches - currently assembled with 5 inch foot adjustable anchors. Primary and secondary condensers can be lowered by reducing the copper support column - making the hight of the unit absolute minimum of 9 foot 6 inches

Still can operate on Municipal water or water from the chiller

All freight charges will be the responsibly of the buyer FOB Ocean NJ

We will credit your travel / airfare 500.00 to come in see the still prior to disassembly for shipping

Interested contact Marty - It wont last long....


2004 58d Layout1 (1).pdf

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