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Foaming - butter vs fermcap or other


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Hello. Curious what people use butter as opposed to fermcap on stripping runs.  Fermcap works, but just curious about a more "natural" approach, and what the amount per gallon of butter people using it might use.  Is there a flavor contribution from it? 

If not butter, then what?  Olive oil?  Other natural product?  

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The best solution for foaming is a silicone based defoaming agent or a mashbill and cook/ferm protocol that doesn't need to worry about it. Natural lipids will not stay in suspension in your heterogeneous mixture which makes them ineffective for column distillation. I am unclear on the impact of butter or other sources of  lipids from food products on batch distillation but can tell you that I wouldn't want to scorch Parkay in my kettle!



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I use pure soap that a neighbor makes from olive oil and sodium hydroxide (lye) only.

Some supermarket soap labelled as "pure" contains additives including perfume.

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