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Diluted low wines too much - thoughts on next step?


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Hello!  Had a major screw up getting ready for a spirit run.  I use the SNAP-51 and it must have been set to the wrong mode or something because when I did my dilution calc, I ended up adding way too much water. Now I have a 16% still charge.  Been kicking around a few option:

- Distill it one more time, make it a triple-distilled, then run & dilute as per normal on a third run.

- Distill it, cutting heads & tails then use it to dilute my next (identical) batch to desired proof before barreling (along with water likely)

- Distill it "per normal", make heads & tails cut, end up with a spirit lower than normal, and barrel it lower than normal.


Thoughts?  Anyone else make this bonehead mistake?


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Sounds like you did put the proof in the abv spot, it happens to all of us.

How many gallons of the low proof stuff do you have? If its multiple runs, I would probably just strip out however many batches you need to do with no cuts and then just redo the spirit run.


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17 hours ago, dramboozled said:

What type of whiskey are you making and what kind of still setup do you have? If you've got a way to force extra reflux you might just run it as a spirit run.

its a 1500 liter still it wouldn't be worth the PGs in energy costs.

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