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Tank & filtration equipment for high proof maceration


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My first post here 👋
I'm putting together an equipment list for my small batch liqueur "distillery." I have read and learned as much as possible about Atex equipment and handling high-proof neutral alcohol, both here on ADI forums and elsewhere.

I plan to macerate in 200L tanks, and the question is which to choose - variable capacity tanks with air-sealed lids or closed tanks (images attached). The way I see it, the variable ones are easier to macerate in (bigger opening at the top, easier to clean), while the closed ones appear to be used more for high-proof alcohol (safer?). I will macerate some botanicals at 90% for a day or two, but most at around 60%.
When considering a filtering system, at first, I thought about plate filters, but I just found out about cartridge filter housing which I guess is much safer (and better?) way to filter?
One last thing: Do any of you use vapor detectors while working with high-proof alcohol?

Experiences and recommendations appreciated!



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We have an ethanol monitor that automatically vents the space when ethanol is detected.  This was not required but it was done proactively and help demonstrate to the local fire department that we took safety seriously. We use an RKI monitor.  It has an audible alarm and a relay that will turn on the exhaust fan.


Make sure any motors and electronics you use are explosion proof, particularly pumps and agitators. 

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That looks like it will work, but it appears to be the alarm only.  The RKI is pre-calibrated for Ethanol and is less than $500.  It plugs into a 110 outlet, is wall mounted and has a long cord to the element that detects the ethanol.  So wew have ours about 12" off the floor.  You then can have a vent fan (with aluminum blades, per our engineer for non-sparking benefit) that can displace the air in the room.  The intake to the fan is also about 12" off the floor. 

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