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Mash Recipe Calculator - Need eyes on (Excel gurus)

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I have been working on a mash recipe calculator for a couple days now and put it to use yesterday on a corn mash.  I didn't get the efficiency I was hoping for and thought my formulas might be off.  Any excel gurus out there that would like to take a peek at the sheet and see if I have my numbers correct?  Its basic but I think it can certainly get the job done.  I have attached the file so feel free to download and make changes.

Things to pay attention to:
1. Math to figure diastatic power
2. General formulas
3. Suggestions on things to add



Mash Recipe Builder.xlsx

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Nice spreadsheet.  Unfortunately, I need to go through and change / convert as I am metric orientated and personally struggle with other units.


My only preliminary comment is your FG where you have indicated 0.98.  Obviously ideal but I would have gone something like 1.002.


My simple spreadsheet looks something like this.








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Morning -- Not sure about your spreadsheet, but if you really used 850 pounds for 250 gallons of water you were too thick and your yield most likely has something to do with that. 

What size batch are you targeting? Do you have live steam or is this jacketed? Are you using a roller mill or is this hammer milled?

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Tom, ignore the lbs of grain and water. I was just plugging in numbers to see how the formulas behaved.  If my math(formulas) are correct then the water and adjuncts should adjust total est. gravity and DP accordingly.  I am just asking for a few extra sets of eyes on the formulas.  Yes, 850/250 would make it a thick mash however, in order to get the desired gravity and DP with my current formulas, that is what it is showing I need to have in the pot to get those results.

Mash tun is steam jacketed and the corn is hammer milled through a 3/8 screen.  The barley is from BSG and is crushed to a medium.  

My MT has a capacity of 300gal.  

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I do my calculations an entirely different way, but for what it's worth:

I plugged in our recipes into your calculator and the numbers aren't too far off of actual yields. 

Where in the process were you disappointed in the yield? What are the steps in your mashing process?

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