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fire safety sprinkler systems

Curtis McMillan

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Its not ATF... as far as I know... its all local city fire codes that have the requirements, at least it is here in California

Technically sprinklers are not required, but depending on your zoning, it will limit the amount of high proof spirits you can have in the building at any one time if you dont have them.

for example, at our facility, we dont have sprinklers, so we are technically only allowed to have 90 gallons of spirits on our production side of the building

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I just spoke with my local fire department last week and for storage of greater than 120gals of class 1A or 1B flammables (i.e. >80proof spirits) the State of California requires automatic sprinkler systems, ventilation, secondary spill containment, and other building code requirements per an H3 Occupancy Classification. In addition to the state requirements there are local ordinances which can trigger the automated sprinkler system requirements for reasons, other than storage of >120gals of Class 1A/B liquids.

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