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Methods of flavoring gin

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I've been doing some thinking about gin lately. I know there are various methods for flavoring.

Some folks just macerate the botanicals in the spirit. Probably the cheapest and easiest.

Some use a gin basket and distill the vapors through the botanicals.

Still others, distill each botanical separately. I know different flavors come over better at different times during distillation. I can see how this method would produce each flavor better. Probably yhe most labor intensive.

I was trying to figure out the pros and cons regarding each method (and others that may exist). Anyone care to weigh in?

Thanks again,


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Another method I've seen mentioned is to simmer a small amount (350ml) of spirit with the botanicals to make a concentrated essence; then add the essence to your bulk spirit to taste.

Of course, a "Small amount" would be relative to the Bulk amount.

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I have separated macerations for different groups of botanicals, mixed to nose and taste to make up the mixture for the boil, and added some juniper berries directly to the boil in addition. Have not tried a gin basket yet, but might do so for some of the leaf-based botanicals. I find that I get a slightly different juniper nose when I include some berries into the boil: fresher, more piney.

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