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55 Gallon water Bath Proofing Still


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By the way, while 7kW should be fine for driving the column, that will mean a very long heat up for the initial fill. You want something more like 20kW to allow you to get to a boil in one hour versus 3 hours.

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in the midst of redesigning the column on this, going with a single large bubble cap rather than multiple smaller ones. this allows for more fluid retention per plate, which should in turn make it less "twitchy" to changes. I've considered incresing the column size to 8" at the same time, but this increases the cost much more. I think I'll build one in the 6" first and see it run before I consider the 8".

as soon as the factory as back from New Years break (yes they all vacation at the same time) I'm going to have one built for a demo unit, to be displayed at the ADI conference in April.

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This unit is being built right now, here is the final specs

-60 gallon Charge Capacity, 304 stainless boiler

-Bain Marie (propalene glycol or food grade oil can be used as well)

-electric heat (60 amp 220v service required)

-8" diameter 4 plate copper column

-Agitator (2hp 220v)

-Solid state control system

Final Price: $16200 turn Key


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I love my new still, see thru column is going to be very cool. Great meeting you guys, follow my progress on Appalachian Mountain Spirits on facebook. You'll see her set up in a month.

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