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Looking for Balcones distillery in Waco, TX

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Balcones has some short still construction videos. Chip had some great advice on welding copper in another thread, look it up.

Absinthe Pete has some great shots on his facebook. They would be even better if they showed the secret sauce inside his agitator. ;-)

I hear Curtis "Sittin' Sidewayz" McMillan made his own stills too, but he won't show nothing.

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It's just some bearings, nothing special, a pump seal and a shaft coupling. In the other thread I have a link to the pump seal I used. The still needs to be polished now that I know it works. I'm going to have a polishing party with my friends and make the finish uniform, not shiny like chrome.

BTW the agitator works feakin' awesome, uses very little air.

Got the still up and running this week and now everything's moving real quick and we'll be making product next week. Keep yer fingers crossed.

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