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Can allergens pass over through the distillation process?

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Can allergens pass over through the distillation process? I have been asked if nut allergies can be set of by a gin that contains nuts in the botanicals. This would mean almonds and bitter almonds.

I know that unflavored spirits are all gluten free, and safe for those who react to gluten.

The following gins use almonds. Some aren't available in the States.

All 4 Beefeater gins

Bombay Dry and Sapphire, and the new Sapphire East.

Berkely Square



Citadelle and Citadelle reserve


Old Raj

Pink 47

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I would think that something, no matter how minute, might come over. The only thing to do is have it tested, but that won't guarantee that something won't come over ever. I wouldn't take the chance as there are some people so highly allergic to nuts that a piece the size of the head of a pin would kill them.

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I know people with gluten allergies really have to pick and choose their spirits. who'd a thought that would come through in distillation, but apparently it does.

with nut allergies it could be worse, the volatile oils are what comes over in the final product, so it really depends what oils in the nut that causes the reaction and what oils come over in the spirit. but either way if I were allergic, I wouldn't chance it.

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If anyone makes a gin with walnuts as part of their botanical blend, I'd be happy to sample it and report on any immediate anaphylaxis. Sorry I can't offer lab rat services for spirits with almond inclusion - those are one of the few tree nuts that don't faze me.

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A quick google search for "nut allergies distilled spirits" resulted in the following PDF that gives 7 pages of answer to the original post inquiry. While I did not read the whole thing, the summary on the first page seems to offer exactly what you are looking for:

"Based on the data submitted by the applicant, the Panel notes that proteins and peptides are not carried over into the distillate during a properly controlled distillation process, at least not in amounts above 1 mg/L. Although the analytical evidence is derived from experiments that were performed predominantly with almonds, the Panel considers that distillates made from nuts are unlikely to trigger a severe allergic reaction in susceptible individuals."

PDF here --> www.efsa.europa.eu/de/scdocs/doc/482.pdf

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