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125 Gallon Christian Carl Still

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4 year old 125 gallon Christian Carl Still. Like new.

Sale price. $60,000, includes 400K BTU boiler.

Purchased for $85,000. Boiler was purchased for $10,000

125 Gallon Christian Carl All Copper Steam Jacketed Pot Still

400,000 BTU Gas Steam Boiler

5 Bubble plates in a separate column.

Separate botanical basket vessel that can be used ‘in-line’.

Safety features provided (pressure relief, collapse valve, steam check, etc.)

Large manway access

4" ball valve discharge pipe

1 condenser. Temperature controlled supply cooling water for condensation.

Agitator motor built in to still

CIP (clean in place) system built into still and components

You pack up and ship from Portland, Oregon

Interested contact jeromec936@comcast.net

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