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still sizing question


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For a steam heated still (jacketed), what is the lowest percentage of the total still capacity one can run? Wondering for the sake of experimentation with as little waste as possible if buying a small still for experimenting makes sense or if a larger still can be run with a small charge...thoughts?



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depending on what you're running, but a large still with half charge will be a lot more work to clean, since the top half of the steam jacket will heat up much more and cook whatever touches it solid to the surface.

a dedicated unit for smaller experimental runs is not a bad idea


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Hello Jeff,

If you ever need a small testing still let me know. I have a couple of different options that you can use to distill on the grain. The first option is a small 5 gallon working capacity still which has a stainless boiler and a copper head. The price starts at $450.00 and there are a couple of options to choose from. My web site URL is distillery-equipment.com However, I don't have them on the site yet. But if you email me I will send you photos.


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