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used stainless tank question


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Foreshots can be used to clean just about anything. They did a great number on a skunky smelling tote we had. We rotated the tote every few days letting the foreshots soak in on each side and it got rid of the smell. I think it would do the same with SS.

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Stainless will be more forgiving than plastics, so based on Panoscape's advice I'd go for it provided the price was right and the tanks are actually useful in a distillery environment. Plenty of distillers store their new make spirits in HDPE white plastic drums until ready for use. This may be a more cost effective solution for a new startup.

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A couple of my first fermenting bins were food oil IBC totes. It was easy enough to clean off the oil residue, and it took some steaming to reclaim a neutral cent. Point of the story...if they are a good deal, in decent shape, and you don't mind taking a little time to clean them (granted you could try to a vinegar solution), than you can easily get away using them.

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Be sure to never put bleach on stainless!!! It will destroy the alloy that makes stainless not rust!

I personally would try micoabels or the nuclear last option is nitric acid. Be ultra careful!! It will remove any impurity a in or on stainless.

Another note: take a magnet with you when you buy your tank. Cheap stainless a magnet will stick to,and if it sticks to it it has less nickel and more steel it the metal and can or could rust easy.

Good luck!


Master Distiller


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