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Wilden M8 2" SS-316 Diaphragm Pump

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Wilden SS-316 Model M8 Diaphragm Pump

This listing is for a used Wilden 2" SS-316 diaphragm pump model M8. 2" triclamp inlet and outlet. Last used in food production for marinades and sauces. I got it from the original owner as part of a package deal with my boiler and kettles. Great shape, on caster wheels for easy movement. I'm going electric and don't need an air pump.

Looking for $2100, prefer pickup but will ship (it's really heavy!)

I've attached some more pics of the check balls and the inside of the pump showing the diaphragm. Maybe someone can identify the material.






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Sorry, I should of had more info before I put this up. I know it was used to pump from the hot kettle to the mixing kettles but I don't know what the diaphragm, check balls, ball seats are made from. I'll look tonight and see if I can find out what it is.

For straight mash pumping I would think what is already in there is fine. For spirit/alcohol pumping I'd recommend replacing those items (EDPM, teflon, etc, ?). Even if they are already the proper material you wouldn't want to leach out any off flavor from previous food stuff.

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