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My name is Ryan Wells and I would formally like to indroduce myself, and most importantly, my family's new craft distillery; Wilmington Whiskey and Spirits Co. We are a 100% North Carolina ingredient sourced distillery which offers many traditional as well as forward thinking and fun craft spirits. We are expecting to open our new location in the downtown Wilmington riverfront area within the next year. The new facility will feature a full working distillery, retail space, tasting room, distill-your-own workshops and tours.

It seems there is already a wonderful community of distillers on this forum as well as in my great state of North Carolina. It is a privlidge being part of such a wonderful resource and we look forward to building relationships with many of you.

Please keep an eye out for our soon to be launched website; www.wilmingtonwhiskey.com to keep in touch and share our transformation!


-The Wells Family

Contact info:

Ryan Wells / Owner


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Fantastic, another distillery in NC!!!!! We are located in Thomasville, NC and are label designers and printers. We serve most of the distilleries in NC and at least 1/2 of the wineries here, which is about 60 plus.

There is an NC Distillers group forming and we will be doing all the printing for that. Are you familiar with Carolina Distillers in Lenoir? I can send their contact info to you as they are heading this up.

Let me know how I can help you. We are family owned and have been in the printing industry for 52 years. I have been there for 32 years and we are very knowledgeable of TTB regs. See my info below.

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Welcome Ryan!

We're opening a gin distillery in Durham (Durham Distillery) in 2014. NC distilling is taking off these last few months.

Carol - I had heard of the NC distilling group from a couple local distilleries but am uncertain how to contact them. Can you PM me who I need to get in contact with? Thank you!

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Hey Ryan, welcome to the campground!

There's a North Carolina Distiller's Guild, but I've not been to a meeting. I think Charlie from Troy and Sons is heading it up. I know they've been pursuing legislation to allow us to sell our own bottled product on distillery premises, but unsure of what progress they've made in the past two years.

Anytime you want to visit us in Kinston, give a holler!

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Glad to hear about all of the activity from our northern neighbors! I drive through Wilmington and Jacksonville to visit my parents. Looks like I'll be able to write off those trips now!

Also, I would love to vouch for Carol and Wright Labels. She goes way above and beyond to make sure you get what you want, need and deserve.

If Any of you make it to Charleston, we'd love to have you stop in.


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Good luck!

I'm down the road NE of Atlanta & worked in Charlotte for a while- they could use some livening up!

Give me a shout if you need any info/help on closed loop cooling or utility saving strategies.


Mike G


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