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Chiller size


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It is a nebulous thing because you're comparing the heat input on the still, how long the still operates, how much water is a part of the vapor and the performance of the still condenser.

Sometimes the condenser manufacturer will tell you how much GPM you need (which is usually on the high side).

I've seen an equation used by ethanol plants and it gave me a headache.

If you like , give me a call and I can talk to you about it.


Mike Gronski


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If you can calculate how much vapor you produce, then you can calculate how much cooling you need. Trouble is, you want it to come out at a temperature BELOW what it condenses at, and that takes additional energy (or lack thereof)

Talk to your still manufacturer. Most small chillers are not powerful enough to cool a condenser in real time, which is why we use chilled reservoirs as energy sinks...can operate with a much smaller chiller when it has all night to chill a volume, rather than just the time of the run.

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