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farm versus industrial building


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Are they any particular benefits to operating a farm distillery versus locating a distillery in an industrial building in california?

There are some benefits I can see such as living close to the distillery, possibly growing some of the grain for use. Eventually owning the distillery aka not be forever tied to a lease.

Breaks in taxes?

Different classifaction?

Sell to the public?

Been doing much research but can't seem to any clear cut answer

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It may come down to what kind of story do you want to tell. The folks at Industry City are killing it with their "Made by Nerds" narrative. I think the "Farm to Bottle" story is a great one, too. What's your story?

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A key distinction would be zoning. A farm may have no applicable zoning code whatsoever. An industrial building may have zoning restrictions.

Zoning is one of the most important factors in choosing the site for your distillery; and may determine whether you can open it at all in any given location.

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More of a problem in cities, historical districts especially, where you can't locate chillers outdoors and can't discharge hot refrigerant condenser air easily if chiller placed indoors. Usually means going to a split chiller, costing more in piping and installation.

I know of guys who had to move entirely because a town "changed their minds" on whether to allow a distillery in town.

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