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Automated Bottling Line Recomendation


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New York State is putting together a communal bottling facility near my distillery through grant funding. It would be shared with other local producers of beverages like syrups and non carbonated beverages.

If anyone has experience they can share on manufactures, I would love to hear about it.

I'm sure there will be TTB issues to sort out.



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You are going to get into a bird nest of problems.

1. removing spirits from a bonded building, then returning them.

2. once removed the taxes are to be recorded

3. once the removed spirits are recorded, tax paid, the dsp can't let them back in to the dsp unless you want to pay taxes on the spirits again.

you might be able to set it up as an alternative location, but you would have to call "permits online" and ask.

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I'm a little late to this post, but we are currently working with In-Line Labeling in Charleston. Very helpful and accomodating. They can create an entire line from cleaning, filling, labeling, topping and packing, or any combination. As mentioned previously, you may need more than one line for all of the different types of products that you mentioned.

Contact Greg Brandon




Hope this helps,


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The wine industry uses a mobile bottling line as not to deal with leaving a bonded premises. as for dealing with bottle shapes and sizes the right line can accommodate this. This is a very practical solution and is very doable. let me know how I can help. I will post a picture shortly.

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