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CDA R1000 Labeler Brand New Ready for Delivery

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OK so I got in over my head. I was trying to expand my distillery and failed miserably. I have a brand new R1000 Labeler from CDA DOES NOT HAVE THE FOIL OPTION, it's just the labeler. This thing is awesome. Touch screen, memory setting for each label. Right now it is setup for single or double label on a single roll, but additional label units can be added to the machine. The cost to add another label unit is around $1700. You could also have them add a foil spinner and or heat shrink thing.

This is a fully Automatic Labeler. The company will fly out to train you as they owe me a training session. Plus they have given me a 2 year warranty. I need to move this fast as the space I rented I was able to get out of the lease. My loss your gain.

Right now I'm financing it and I'm paying $750 a month for 27 months. It's $50 less a month if you have insurance. I opted for the built in insurance until I could get insurance at the new place, which of course never happened. I'm not sure if you could take over financing or not, I don't see why not. Otherwise it was $16,000, not including interest which is applied automatically because of the lease.

You can take over the payments if the lease company allows or pay me the $16,000 and I'll cover the interest, of course.

Here's the website with all the info.

Happy to answer any questions or make a deal.


Brochure. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2xe1dcmpfu0cczz/Technical-doc-R1000-SPARKLING-WINE.pdf?dl=0








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Yes, they have offices in Virginia. I just found out the training won't be transferred and you'll have to pay for it. I think it's like $1000, but maybe you can negotiate with them as they were planning on coming out again for me at the end of January if I hadn't sold it.

Astrée De VIELDER <astree.devielder@cdafrance.com> 804.496.0576

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OK so I got in over my head. I was trying to expand my distillery ..................................

Sorry to hear about your troubles

Hope you land on your feet really soon

All the best


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