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Research set-up (scalable)


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I'm looking for a recommendation on a pot still and rectifying column small enough that I can perform R&D, but that is scalable to production size while maintaining (roughly) the same flavor profiles.

Product: relatively high ester rum

Variables: type of molasses, fermentation time/temperature, yeast strain, etc.

Budget: $3-5k


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Hi whale shark,


We have some great little 10 gallon and 20 gallon R&D stills that can be customized to give you the same flavor profiles as your big still.  We have these stills in jacketed Bain Marie electric or we can supply jacketed units that will work with low pressure steam.  If you ever decide to distill on the grain, these units can be configured as combination mash tun stills. email paul@distillery-equipment.com  These systems are not on our web site yet, but I hope to have them on there by next week.

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