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Vodka Filtering Equipment

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We actually built our own with SS piping and a small pump to move the product. It is based on the concept of "the solution to pollution is dilution". We recirculate our vodka through 12x30 mesh activated carbon until we reach our desired flavor profile. If you use this method, I would suggest to flood the pipes from the bottom instead of the top. If you go from the top, you will ether compact or channel your carbon slowing you down and reducing the effectiveness of not having contact with all of your carbon. Hope that helps.





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We run a similar setup to BRDC, but use bulk carbon granules. It's certainly very inexpensive, but getting the cotton filter setup right to keep the carbon in the column is a pain.

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I offer small (1 GPM output) absorber column with steel filter basket to hold granules for clients purchasing chillers either for their distillery production or their chill filtration.

The basket can be fitting with bag filters as well.

$1,700 for the absorber column, extra for activated carbon and bags.

Good luck,

Mike Gronski

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