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Hi Bernie,


We have a 105 gallon 3 phase electric bain marie open top mash tuns with removable agitators and cooling coils.  That's right, this unit has a cooling coil, so that you can do your crash cools in the tun.  We have these units in stock.  The price is $8,995.00 turn key.  Email me pual@distillery-equipment.com for more info.

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On 2016/9/10 at 1:38 AM, Sailor said:


I would like to purchase a 100 gallon, 3 phase electric , bain marie mash tun. Any information will be appreciated.

Thank You


Hi Bemie,

Thank you for your inquiry, sorry not to reply timely, hope not too late for you. 

For 100gallon, 3 phase electric heating(water/oil) Mash tun, we can supply you great products.

What's your email address for sending more detailed informations, please

My email address: dye203@dayuwz.com .


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