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"Tennessee" Bottles for sale

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I have purchased about 18 pallets of American made "Tennessee", 750ml glass bottles from a friend who purchased them in a shipping container sale.  The container looks to have jostled around a bit but most everything seems intact minus the boxes being a little mashed.  SEE PHOTOS. The pallet in the front took the brunt of the damage as you can see.  I will not need all of these for my operation and would be willing to sell some pallets for a reasonable offer.  I will be checking the pallets before I ship to you for any obvious damage and secure properly.  Feel free to come and see them before you buy.   840 bottles per pallet, 6 per case.  $700.per pallet or best offer.  You pay shipping, or come get.  I could possibly help with delivery depending on amount ordered and location.  Let me know if your interested and we can talk.


pallet 1.JPG

pallet 2.JPG


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