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Why use GNS


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I understand using GNS can really save a lot of money but it can't be that expensive.  I see a few really small guys making there own gin out there without going to 190+ proof.  You can make a really nice gin at 170 or so.  I am just curious because it feels like if everyone is making it with the same base there is only so much you can do by adding botanicals. 

I am probably just really naive to gin but I was just curious.



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Not all neutrals are the same. Botanical quality aside, the base of a gin is the distillate. You will find that the same gin made with different bases are different gins. Even if your corn ethanol is distilled "6x," it is still full of corn flavor. 

Other than NS being relatively inexpensive, it allows hardcore ginsmiths the ability to further tune their products. 

OR, you make your own neutral, and go from there. Just different approaches, like macerating vs. dry gin vs. compounding. Or rotovaping!

No two of my gin clients use the same base neutral. Grape, wheat, barley, tapioca, potato...even cheese whey are their starting points :-)

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Small guys with pot stills can not make GNS with the consistency and price of the ethanol plants. 

The possibilities with different botanicals are endless. The same base can make an infinite amount of different gins. Not sure why you think botanicals don’t have an impact. 


edit: sorry, did not see this was a thread resurrected from the dead. 

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