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1000 liter still

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We are selling our brand new never used electric baine marie style still with a 10 inch 12 plate copper column, ss dephlegmator, large shot-gun style condenser and custom gin basket. The column and Gin basket were made by Affordable Distilling Equipment out of MO. This system brand new and never used. We are selling as the inner liner of the still was damaged by a careless contractor who accidently over pressurized the still jacket. It is repairable but we have decided to go a different route for our distillation. Original investment over $30K but are looking to sell for $17500. Located in Oneonta NY you are more then welcome to inspect unit.







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Hi Hudson Bay,


We supplied the column and gin basket.  They sourced the jacketed still pot somewhere else. I repeat we did not sell them the still boiler.  It is my understanding that a plumber was running hot water into the jacket of the still boiler under pressure.  No pressure relief valve was on the jacket.  We would have certainly put one on the jacket if we had sold them the still pot.  The jacket was built for low pressure steam 15 psi or less.  The jacket was pressurized to around 60 psi with hot water.  The wall of the inner boiler gave way inwardly.  The inner wall also ruptured.  The buckled ruptured section of the wall of the inner boiler must be cut out and replaced.  My fabricators can fix it.

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Paul is correct.  He supplied the column, delphlegmator, and gin basket only.  Paul and his crew are top-notch and we recommend them and their products 100%

The pot is a Chinese unit.   We have ended up selling the column and parts without the pot. 

the pot is still for sale.  Open to offers.  I can supply pictures. 


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mjduheme. got the pics , holy lick its worse than i would have guessed , i ll share them with the others here and we will talk about the viability of fixing and making use of it . how far are you from pauls fabricating shop , also is the agitator still on the boiler or did it sell already . could you send me the measurements of the inside boiler i may have a vessel that will fit inside that jacket once the crumpled one is removed . thanks 


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