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50 Gallon Copper Still for Sale

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I have a full electric 50 gallon set up with thumper & worm for sale. I am asking $1800 OBO. My ex-partner and I were in the middle of setting up the business when the business fell through. I also, have about 60 750 ml Round Clear Glass Moonshine Jugs, about 120 Black Stopper Corks, a case of 72mm x 35mm Clear PVC Shrink Bands, about 18-400 Round Phenolic Black Continuous Thread Closure, and about 100 100 ml Round Glass Flint Euro Bottles for sale as well. I can do $200 OBO for those. 

Any offers will be considered!! 

If buyer is somewhat local, we can work out something with delivery. 

Below are some details about my still:

  • 50 Gallon Pot
  • 1" Cap Logic Cap (no messy paste!!)
  • 1/2" Copper Tube Copper to copper fittings.
  • 5 Gallon Thumper with Stainless Tri Clover cap
  • Brass cleanout
  • 5 Gallon 1/2" Worm
  • ¾” Lead Free Brass Hose Connections for cooling
  • All Silver Solder
  • Professional Temperature Gauge
  • 220 Volt Electric Heating System
  • Made with 20 oz. 99.9% pure copper and silver solder with lead free brass for the stills thumper screw cap. It also has a heavy duty Professional temperature / pressure gauge for super accurate control.


Roy Warlick

2017-03-10 19.15.20.jpg







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