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Malted vs unmalted wheat for whiskey


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Hi to all,

I was wondering if anyone here ever tried to make an all wheat whiskey. I know they exist and I’ve had a few... but can’t find much info on them.

Malted wheat is not the easiest grain to find. So I was wondering if it would do a huge difference in taste to use unmalted. We work with a single farmer and he doesn’t have any malting capacity.

Thank you very much!

Charles Boileau


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http://westernmalt.webs.com/brochure.htm     check these guys out charles . good outfit to deal with by the bag or by the ton . if iwas you i would run a test batch one with malted wheat and one with raw wheat converted with enzymes , to see if the extra expense of malting changes anything to the taste your looking for . last mountain distillers in lumbsden sask has a incredible wheat whisky but im not sure of there grain bill , great western brewery in saskatoon sask uses malted wheat for a all grain beer , and im guessing there both getting it from western malt . i guess it all depends on where you are located lol .


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