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Recommendations for used bourbon barrels


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 We are looking for a used bourbon barrel vendor who will stand behind their barrels (if they leak). Several barrels from our current vendor have been leaking from the head despite filling with hot water and all. And the vendor who had earlier told us that they'd replace the barrels is now dithering.
After weeding out the usual suspects dirtcheapbarrels and oakwoodbarrels, we are considering Kelvin Cooperage and Country Connection
Kelvin Cooperage appears to be an established rock solid supplier.
While Country Connection has been selling barrel racks for a while, it seems they've  started supplying barrels only recently (they posted on ADI in October).
I was wondering if anyone has bought barrels from Country Connection and what the experience has been like.

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Always have had good experiences with Rocky Mountain barrel.  I have only ever had one leak, but I never even contacted them about it.  I think they would tell you how to fix it, not necessarily switch it out for you.  I believe they were starting to do direct shipments from Kentucky.  I would imagine you could get some directly from distilleries too that are closer to you as freight would be high to California.

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I built a barrel steamer which helps to swell/seal up barrels prior to filling.  I have an old homebrew setup: sankey keg w/ spear removed and 2" triclamp tigged to bottom. Well-potted 2500 watt 220V element. 2" TC x 1/2" MIP. Short  1/2"x24" length of CSST and bobs your uncle.  We hold the barrel over the steamer w/ our forklife. Insert CSST into bunghole (he he, he he) and put the spurs to it.  Anecdotally it works. We steam each for 20 - 25 minutes.  Rarely do we get leaky staves (although in all fairness I've never just rinsed with water and done a side-by-size comparison) but we do get the occasional leaky head which goes away in time. 



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