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Hello from upstate New York!

My husband Jim and I have been restoring an old barn on the family farm for well over a year, and are doing the final paperwork to submit our application to the TTB. The still, fermenters and mash tun are in the building and we are hoping to start up late spring or early summer.

We have visited many of you in the Hudson Valley and in the Delaware/Sullivan County region, and we greatly appreciate the advice and encouragement you have given us.

Thanks also to many of you on this forum, it has been so helpful.

Terry at RVS



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Terry, I know a guy that does consulting on breweries and distilleries who is down across the Hudson near you.

I can give you his #, just PM me.

I am from the Finger Lakes in Wine country (Corning), so good luck on your farm remodel!

(if you need any info on cooling systems, drop me a line as well)

Mike G


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old barns are a great piece of history mg , people built them because they housed there lively hood.  no matter how run down they are you cant help but look on them and think back to the day when they were brand new and were the pride and joy  of the people who built them , all the neighbours checking it out admiring the commitment and sacrifice it took to build it .  our barns are built of stone carved into a hill by a immigrant from Iowa who built 3 master pieces in this area , ours are the last ones standing .    just like great whisky they were hand crafted out of necessity and infused with tradition and ingenuity and the will to survive . long live people who understand it . 


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