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Bottle Rinsing-Sparging


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Hi All,

Trying to find the best way to clean bottles before filling, during my research to source a system ,came across several options, Water, Co2, or Argon gas,

what is the most used system in your distillery(s), the water option seems like it would take more time to rinse and dry and if you have a lot of product to bottle  

you would need a good size drying rack .

Thanks !   Lorenzo

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We built our own ionized air cleaner for bottles with off-the-shelf parts. It works great.

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Air cleaner is fine BUT I feel that the biggest problem is from dust and storage.


Dust will require a liquid rinse but storage is another issue.  Have bottles been bulk stored outside (damp and moisture), what are the dividing boards between bottles.  If plastic, fine but if cardboard or masonite, then mould is or may be an issue.

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