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wash chiller used


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On 6/23/2018 at 7:30 PM, jrfalcon said:

Looking for  a small wash chiller for taking 150 degrees to 60 degrees in 150 gallon batches 

Why 60 degrees? Most yeast pitching temps are at least 20 degrees higher. You can do much of this with water.




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The whole concept revolves around the cost of a closed loop cooling system vs. city water where it's used and discarded.

In order to reach 60F product temperature , you need a minimum of 10 degree approach, even better with 20 degree.  The approach is the difference between the target temperature and the entering cooling water temperature.

Of course, you can try to cool it part way with city water and then switch over to a closed loop system,  but you would need to not cross contaminate if you are using treated water or glycol in the chiller system.

If you want this cooled in an hour, you're talking a 10 ton load.


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..and 60F is mighty cool unless that's the cooling water temp?

Principle is the same, except load would be about half that, look at the picture, put one hand over your eye, look at the picture- wallla! a 5 Ton unit!

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