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Resting Gin what Proof


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Howdy guys,

So I just finished my first big batch of gin.  Now because of tank space issues i'm resting it at distillation strength, which is just over 75% abv.  Is this okay?  What strength alcohol do you guys rest your gin at?  At bottle proof, slightly above bottle proof, Distillation proof?  

And has anyone found a difference in Resting the gin at different proofs?


Thank you kindly

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I rest after proofing to bottle strength, 45% abv. I thought that the water needed time to settle with the distillate. 

Blending right before bottling always resulted in a kind of strong "alcohol bite"  in the taste and aroma.... but maybe it has to do with the botanical bill.....

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Hi! I always rest all the distillate on a glass tank at bottling strength.

As I'm increasing my production it's hard to have enough capacity. What do you think about resting it at bottling strength straight on the bottles? Maybe mixing it before bottling can help for flavor homogeneity between bottles?


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I typically rest my gins for 5 weeks in stainless tanks just above bottling strength mixing once a week or so.  That way at worst case if some evaporates it won't dip below the threshold and require some additional GNS.

I wouldn't recommend going straight to bottles, as it won't allow the alcohol, water, and the flavors from your botanicals to come together and interact with some oxygen.

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