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VFD recommendations needed


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We are in the process of wiring up our production area and we are trying to decide on VFD's for the agitators on our fermenters. The motors are 1HP 3-phase and we would appreciate recommendations on reasonably priced quality VFD's.


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One of the most rugged and Reliable brands is " ABB." They are also not cheap. I have run them on several facilities. You need to Spec. Washdown Duty.

There are models from Lenze and Leeson that are on my list as possible for new builds in a more compact size for the same HP which is desirable.

You do not want a pressure sensitive keypad if you can avoid it. These are apt to fail prematurely if they are used very often. You need a control pad that has real buttons on it if possible.

Some are easily set up with an analog control for speed.

Stay fully away from KB Electronics Drives. They are unreliable on a good day and prone to very early failure. You will not get quick response from them on returns. Poorly Engineered.

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We sell WEG and Hitachi drives and supply them with all of our equipment. They have variable speed capabilities, reversing capabilities and they will convert single phase power to 3 phase power.  They have NEMA 4X wash down enclosures for hazardous environments.  We sell them for far below the suggested retail prices.  These drives have very good warranties as well.  If you would like us to size the drives for you and give you a quote and all of the specs, just email  us your motor specs paul@distillery-equipment.com or call 417-778-6100 and ask for Paul.  

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