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  1. That's good to know, their pre crushed juniper was a lot dryer than crushing juniper berries your self.
  2. Im in the same predicament at the moment, I usually use Mountain Rose but started looking at Woodland Foods out of Chicago (much closer to me, cheaper, and availability.) But I did a test run with woodland food's crushed juniper, instead of Mountain Rose herbs whole berries and me crushing them. I immediate noticed Woodland's crushed juniper was very dry and in the end product it was defiantly noticeable that it lacked the Juniper of my previous product, now I am hesitant to even purchase whole berries or any other botanical from a different supplier in fear that it will never be the same.
  3. Welcome and great work on the app, that will save me some trips back to the computer while im out working.
  4. Welcome from the lower half. Best of luck getting started, there is a lot of great info and people here.
  5. I use a system called Amphora Wine Log from fermsoft.com It does everything I need it, even though it is designed for wine, and their support is pretty good.
  6. Welcome from sw michigan! I am in kzoo all the time so I will have to stop by soon. Do you have a tasting room open yet?
  7. Welcome from another Michigan guy.
  8. We dilute it and use it as a sanitizer, or you can dilute it even more and use it as the liquid in a cooling system
  9. In my thought process, there may be another reason, but you would want to filter after dilution so you were filtering the water you added as well. You run the risk of accidentally adding something with the water and if you filtered prior to adding diluting you wouldnt catch that before bottling.
  10. We do the same thing as PA_Joe, if its a plastic 55 gal drum with the two holes we lift it over the tank with a forklift and open both ports. Has worked many times and I have tried everything you can think of.
  11. We also have one set up but have all three, winery, distillery, and brewery. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. I am the distiller at Round Barn, we make Divine Vodka from grapes. I started out as an assistant Winemaker before I turned distiller so this process falls a lot more natural to me than making mashes and distilling other like products. With grape fermentation, like wine, you want to keep the fermentation temperature controlled. It should take roughly 3-4 weeks to ferment and that is when you would want to quickly get into stripping runs, since you can not add SO2.
  13. I like that idea Dehner, money would be the issue there. If I were to do anything like that, I would buy a bigger still for other production and keep this still just for gin. However, the company that is making our flavor basket is throwing in a separate condensing column, post basket, just for gin. Depending on which process we just to go about, that problem could be solved.
  14. I just placed an order for gin ingredients, because some of the places are limited or currently out of stock I had to mix up my order between Mountain Rose Herbs, Country Malt, and Amazon. Mountain Rose Herbs has some pretty good deals if you are buying higher quantities and breaks it down into smaller quantities where Country Malt is only by the lbs. I just paid $9.45 for a lb of Juniper Berries through Country Malt.
  15. Thanks for the reply MC, if I do ever run into anything carrying over I will have to try the heads run.