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  1. this is the one and only direct fired still we have ever built. bottom is extra thick stainless so it wont be eroded or deformed as easily by the propane flame. she looks and performs.
  2. we've had your gaskets sitting here waiting on an address for shipping. drop me a line directly I'll get them out ASAP
  3. where in the country are you? are you willing to move?
  4. doesn't apply, our equipment is UL. Steve
  5. take a deep breath, this was not an attack, and being right on the internet will not gain anyone anything. I have dealt with this many times, many inspectors freak out when they see CE but not UL. but it is in the latest code book. they also freak out over CSA, which is also accepted as equal to UL.
  6. actually that is false, according to the national electrical code, CE is to be accepted as equal to UL. as they are both accepted international standards.
  7. we have smaller stills that operate identical to our larger stills so you can be sure that when scaling up your product will remain the same. starting at 60 gallons capacity, they are a bit larger than hobbiest level equipment.
  8. yes a hot PBW or washing soda solution will do wonders for knocking the worst of grain residue off, but if its as bad as you say there will be some manual scrubbing involved to get it clean clean.
  9. you would have to clean the copper to powder coat it anyway, this would probably be done by blasting, most blasting media will weaken the copper.
  10. when using enzymes,PH is critical, they will give you a ph and tempurature range, these are not suggestions follow them closely, and check and recheck your PH throughout the cook, as it will change, you will need to adjust. Steve
  11. to boost your gravity you could do a cold starch separation, basically do a fine grate on your potatoes and wash with water. you can separate most of the potato starch out from the rest of the potato matter. might even be able to sell off the "waste" as hash browns. this will give you a water starch suspension, that can easily be dewatered by settling to make a starch rich slurry. now if it settles out too far, it will form a Non Newtonian fluid (think cornstarch and water, called oobleck i think). PH correct, ad a pre dose of enzymes, cook then second set of enzymes, and you have a higher SG potato water mash. your starch extraction will not be 100%, probably closer to 50%. but if potatoes are free or cheap, and have pigs to feed or a customer to buy the left over potato, it may be a potential solution to the potato process predicament.
  12. Yes Sussman is the leader for electric boilers. on average you will pay 4x as much per heat unit of electricity as you would natural gas, and 2x as much as propane. however there may be times when electricity is still the better option, such as you simply dont have access to natural gas or propane, your building or zoning restricts usage of these, or if you want "Green" points. all are legitimate reasons.
  13. Talk to Sherman Owen, he has a process for separating the starch from the potato, I think thats where you'll have to go to push to a more reasonable SG
  14. Triclamp is fantastic for anything you may want to take apart again, it works well for pumps and hoses, but cam lock is even better for anything that is disconnected or reconected on a daily basis. good news is that there are many suppliers of triclamp to camlock adapters.
  15. we have already started, it will be a transition over time, however if you must have an american built still we can do that right now. Continuous still production has begun here, next kettles, columns then ancilliaries