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  1. DonMateo

    Best Enzyme to use with Rye

    Just a question, what is the best enzyme to use with Malt Rye ? Beta Gluconayse correct ?? Thanks
  2. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Well its like that in a lot of countries but in Argentina most things that are normal are reverse. VAT is 20%. But the excise is based upon the Value of the bottle not the alcohol inside.
  3. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    The excise is around 15% but the controls on small distilleries are pretty light and the very few small distilleries that are here sell most of their stuff online. The excise was just increased from 5 to 15%. The larger micro distilleries, ie up to about 40,000 bottles track every sale but Argentina is a bit different in that about 40% of the economy is in the black or on a cash basis. The wine industry is very highly regulated but small distilleries not so much. There are only 3 medium size distilleries and two micros, in Argentina making whiskey. A couple of larger ones making all sorts of booze. And then there are the majors like Pernot Ricard and Diagio.
  4. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Back on Moonshine. In Argentina there is a guy who imports moonshine from the US and sells it online. He sells about 1400 bottles a month and charges $60 a bottle for it ( a lot of that is import duties). So moonshine is high on my product list. Actually in 3 days I will do my latest strip of moonshine.
  5. DonMateo

    Hot Dry Weather

    How about wrapping the outside of the barrels in plastic or HDPE. You will still get oxygenation through the heads. Matt
  6. DonMateo

    How to determine outputs/ still size

    There is a South African distilling products company called Distillique and they have an excellent guide to sizing systems on their webpage. Check it out.
  7. DonMateo

    Aging Options.

    Or another option that I have considered, buy old French oak barrels that have been used 3 or 4 times and are dead as far as taste is concerned then add wood fingers or lingots of your American oak.
  8. DonMateo

    Aging Options.

    Pop Larkin, I am just at the point of starting up and I am doing some production in my garage. One thing that I read about and tried was I got 50l beer barrels put on a 4" triclamp exit and I put the whiskey in that and then I add lingots of wood. Now I am not using oak but I have read on a couple of other webboards that there are some guys that do it and it gives a pretty decent product. The other thing that I do is put these barrels in the sun with the seals clamped on. Alcohol is very expansive when it heats up and so it creates a positive pressure inside the barrels. I wait for the barrel to get to about 60 deg c and then I put it in the shade. Its winter in Argentina where I am setting up so in winter I put these barrels in a place that only gets a couple of hours sun a day and so there you have your heat cycling. Once a week I put oxygen into the whiskey as some of the reactions between whiskey and wood need oxygen. Anyway my first couple of runs using these techniques were pretty successful and everyone who has drank it likes it. And I have given a couple of bottles to a couple of my mates who have a wide selection of Single malt scotches. I havent tried this with Oak as I am using alternative south American woods, which is permissable where I live. I came to this method because I cant get barrels made from the woods that I want where I live. The nearest barrel maker who makes barrels with the woods I want is in the South of Brazil and importing anything into Argentina is a pain. Anyway just an alternative. The issue you might have in old blighty is not enough sun to heat them up. Plenty of cold and rain to cool them down.
  9. DonMateo

    Spiced Rum

    One thing that I have heard that works is you use a carter head ( Gin basket) put in your spices in that and then do your spirit run of your rum through the carter head. I havent tried it yet but I have heard from a couple of people that it works. Where i am setting up I cant get flavours and extracts but I can get the spices. The only thing I could see that would be a must is if you run Gin through your carter head its going to have to be very thoroughly cleaned otherwise you will end up with rum with a slight taste of Gin. Not very inspiring. In about 4 months I am going to make some rum and do the spirit run through my spare carter head.
  10. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Great posts southern Highlander. And AB1965 great set up in your distillery mate. When I grow up one day I want a set of boilers like that.
  11. DonMateo

    Craft gin - 5 questions, please don't beat me up

    Have a look at Stilldragon. Great gear and very modular.
  12. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Southernhighlander. Thanks for the comment and clarification. I didnt know barrel aged moonshine was called Charter Shine. Great explaination. I think thats what I might call my barrel aged moonshine when I finally finish building my distillery. Until then i will just have to sell it illegally.
  13. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    In general I would have to agree but I put some of my Corn whiskey and did some accelerated aging on some Brazillian woods and it came out very nicely, with some nice unusal flavours on top of a corn whiskey. But if it was Oak I could only agree. Still where I live I can experiment to my hearts content.
  14. DonMateo

    Corn Mashing Temp

    Thanks Slickfloss. I think the next couple of corn washes I do I am just going to add 15% malted barley when the temp comes down.
  15. DonMateo

    Grain to Water Ratios

    Hey John, I have tried your vodka via our mutual friend Mike Culleton. Good stuff mate. Matt