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  1. Malt Varieties and Location

    Get your hands on a copy of Derek Bells book Alt Whiskeys, from Amazon. It has everything you need to know about alternative grains and flavors.
  2. Craig, To answer your question call it a Liquor factory or fabrica de Licores. Matt
  3. Craig, If I were you I would be thinking of trying to make some interesting bourbons there not trying to compete with the old Pisco families. I lived in Peru for 8 years and subsequently I have moved to Argentina and then become interested in setting up a distillery here. But in Peru there are hundreds of different types of corn and a thriving craft beer industry so you can get other grains to make different whiskies. While your at it there is no-one in Peru making top quality gins with Local botanicals. Peru has about 10% of the Amazon forest and there is still a lot of knowledge up in the mountains of local herbs and flowers. You could make some gins that are great tasting and sell them to the tourists coming in and out. The same with bourbons. Anyway I am going to set up my distillery here in Mendoza Argentina, then I will do one in Chile and I am trying to get a mate in Lima to start one as well. The key to anything in Peru is getting the upper middle class to buy it and flogging it to the tourists. there are about 1.8m tourists a year go to Peru and most of them go in and out of Cuzco and Lima. Cheers and have a great ceviche for me. If you want to talk about this some more PM me. Matt
  4. Principal reason why distilleries fail ?

    Thanks for the response Allan, I am just putting together my basic gear and then starting my learning curve on making really good spirits. Here in Argentina there are lots of high quality cheap grains and I have 24 recipes to try and then 12 gin recipes. Just as well my mates here are drunks. I beleive I have learn and practice the techniques like crazy before going public. There is no substitute for practice when attaining technical excellence in anything. Thanks to all of the other commentators here. Regards Matt
  5. OK I am posting this for a friend who cant get the new thread thing working. For Sale: 2 UNIQUE Pot Still Charentais (French) - 1250 liters capacity - Artisanal and antique (year 1936) - PRICE: usd 30.000 each set For sale: 2 UNIQUE copper vessel 2000 liters - heating system: steam - Copper thickness: 8 mm - PRICE: usd 20.000 each vessel Refer to the attached photos. These stills are currently located in Mendoza Argentina and are genuine original french stills and vessels. For more information please contact Christian Williams at this email address for more info and photos. cwilliams@gulatina.com. THanks. Matt
  6. Welcome, I am about to start buying my equipment but the main advice I would have is read everything you can. There is a lot of knowledge on this forum, also check out stilldragons forum and the Homedistiller.org forum. There are many thousands of years of experience that is freely shared. Its a cooperative community. Good luck too. Matt
  7. Kindness or something else

    I think the people who are want to do a craft distillery they are very independent people but they also like the same sort of people and are generally helpful. The advice you get on this board and other craft distilling boards is gold and given freely. Check out the stilldragon forums. There is are lots of very helpful people sharing ideas and advice. The other good website is homedistiller.org and which has some huge following of guys sharing advice. I work in mining projects, at least I have and I too believe in Trust but verify. Good luck in your endeavour and I hope your successful. Cheers Matt
  8. Experienced Distiller Looking to Relocate

    How good is your Spanish ??? Ever thought of living in South America ? I am about 12 months from having my distillery up and running but nothing like experience if you want a long holiday in a years time.
  9. Principal reason why distilleries fail ?

    I am interested in this as the only reason why I want to get into this is because where I want to set up, Mendoza Argentina, there is no other craft whiskey distillery around. There are 3 other small distilleries making brandy and other sorts of things but no-one making whiskey and the place has 1,5million wine tourists a year. There are some whiskey producers in Argentina but they are the beer companies who take left over NGS and add colouring and flavouring and its horse piss. So I am going to start small and market the place like crazy in the peak months, which are Jan through to March. In those months there are 450,000 tourists a month. If I can sell via the cellar door 250 bottles I am breaking even. I think I may end up selling a lot more but I have to make the stuff first. I really appreciate all the comments and guidelines here. I was wondering if in fact the craft distillery industry in the US was becoming over supplied. I know in South America there are 6 Craft distilleries in Brazil, 1 in Argentina, but way in the south, none in Chile none in Peru and none in Colombia. I am going to do one in Mendoza because of the amount of tourists it gets and if it wasnt for that I wouldnt risk the money. The truth is my day job pays pretty well so I can float the business for a while but I want it to make good money and make happy customers. I really appreciate the comment about getting your second sale. That was great. Anyway great comments and thank you very much gentlemen.
  10. Principal reason why distilleries fail ?

    I am only banking o selling 200 cases a month and where I am skill labour is very cheap. So I hope I might be doing something right. Thanks for the comments everyone. I think I will hire two marketing gals to start with rather than one. Matt
  11. I am just curious for to ask the forum as to what are the main reasons that people know of why micro and start up distilleries fail. Just reading on the distilling forums you read of more successes and people eventually expanding than you do of the failures. But then again people dont normally advertise when a business has failed and they have lost a lot of money. I would guess the main reason is goverment regulation, lack of marketing and insufficient cashflow in the first year from non distillery sources to be able to sustain the business until it is self sustaining. Divorce could be another one. I am about to pull the trigger on purchasing my main equipment as I think I have done enough homework and I have the spare cash but I am curious to hear the pitfalls. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Building a "Carter Head"

    I dont know if this is of any use but I found these stainless steel mesh bags that I am thinking of using inside my still. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P5OQ7HQ/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=X2ISIWV6I3RI&coliid=I26BBT0PTXM97R They seem like a very nice size.
  13. Building a "Carter Head"

    Go to Stilldragon and their forum. They have off the shelf stainless steel clamp gin baskets that are supposed to work brilliantly. I would doubt you can make one for the 500 bucks that they charge for one of those. If your worried about volume of vapor put in two and you can change them out. I
  14. Good Luck Rebecca ! I am sure you would be an asset to whomever hires you. Matt
  15. Newbie Vodka Distillery

    I am not producing but I have spent a very long time reading everything I can and my budget for equipment is at about 80k. And I will be able to do it cheaply because I live in Argentina. Good luck.