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  1. DonMateo

    Aging Options.

    Or another option that I have considered, buy old French oak barrels that have been used 3 or 4 times and are dead as far as taste is concerned then add wood fingers or lingots of your American oak.
  2. DonMateo

    Aging Options.

    Pop Larkin, I am just at the point of starting up and I am doing some production in my garage. One thing that I read about and tried was I got 50l beer barrels put on a 4" triclamp exit and I put the whiskey in that and then I add lingots of wood. Now I am not using oak but I have read on a couple of other webboards that there are some guys that do it and it gives a pretty decent product. The other thing that I do is put these barrels in the sun with the seals clamped on. Alcohol is very expansive when it heats up and so it creates a positive pressure inside the barrels. I wait for the barrel to get to about 60 deg c and then I put it in the shade. Its winter in Argentina where I am setting up so in winter I put these barrels in a place that only gets a couple of hours sun a day and so there you have your heat cycling. Once a week I put oxygen into the whiskey as some of the reactions between whiskey and wood need oxygen. Anyway my first couple of runs using these techniques were pretty successful and everyone who has drank it likes it. And I have given a couple of bottles to a couple of my mates who have a wide selection of Single malt scotches. I havent tried this with Oak as I am using alternative south American woods, which is permissable where I live. I came to this method because I cant get barrels made from the woods that I want where I live. The nearest barrel maker who makes barrels with the woods I want is in the South of Brazil and importing anything into Argentina is a pain. Anyway just an alternative. The issue you might have in old blighty is not enough sun to heat them up. Plenty of cold and rain to cool them down.
  3. DonMateo

    Spiced Rum

    One thing that I have heard that works is you use a carter head ( Gin basket) put in your spices in that and then do your spirit run of your rum through the carter head. I havent tried it yet but I have heard from a couple of people that it works. Where i am setting up I cant get flavours and extracts but I can get the spices. The only thing I could see that would be a must is if you run Gin through your carter head its going to have to be very thoroughly cleaned otherwise you will end up with rum with a slight taste of Gin. Not very inspiring. In about 4 months I am going to make some rum and do the spirit run through my spare carter head.
  4. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Great posts southern Highlander. And AB1965 great set up in your distillery mate. When I grow up one day I want a set of boilers like that.
  5. DonMateo

    Craft gin - 5 questions, please don't beat me up

    Have a look at Stilldragon. Great gear and very modular.
  6. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Southernhighlander. Thanks for the comment and clarification. I didnt know barrel aged moonshine was called Charter Shine. Great explaination. I think thats what I might call my barrel aged moonshine when I finally finish building my distillery. Until then i will just have to sell it illegally.
  7. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    In general I would have to agree but I put some of my Corn whiskey and did some accelerated aging on some Brazillian woods and it came out very nicely, with some nice unusal flavours on top of a corn whiskey. But if it was Oak I could only agree. Still where I live I can experiment to my hearts content.
  8. DonMateo

    Corn Mashing Temp

    Thanks Slickfloss. I think the next couple of corn washes I do I am just going to add 15% malted barley when the temp comes down.
  9. DonMateo

    Grain to Water Ratios

    Hey John, I have tried your vodka via our mutual friend Mike Culleton. Good stuff mate. Matt
  10. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Thanks Guys. I love this web board.
  11. DonMateo

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    I am going to make and sell moonshine when I have my distillery built. I am just looking for some land. One marketing angle that I didnt think about was that Moonshine is Gluten Free so celiacs can drink it. My wife mentioned that to me because in Argentina where I live they have a large population with Italian heritage and the percentage of people who are Celiacs is around 5 %. Those people cant drink most whiskeys. Ok so its not a huge market but its a captive market if you can get it. I really like making Corn moonshine. A while ago I made some and put it on some brazillian wood and it wasnt bad.
  12. DonMateo

    Grain to Water Ratios

    I just about .2kg per litre. Which is pretty close to the 1.5lb/ gallon. So for your 100gallon wash you will need about 170 lbs.
  13. DonMateo

    Pot Distillation

    I am in Mendoza Argentina and I have been just using my pot still. I have a hybrid still with a fractioning column but I am a huge fan of the flavor produced just using a pot still. So that is what I have been doing. I think I am making my cuts OK. The hardest part for me is resisting the tempation to go too deep into the tails for the sake of volume. But its a personal thing when it comes to what taste you want. I read about that before I started distilling and its very true.
  14. DonMateo

    Corn Mashing Temp

    I am lazy I dump my water in at 95 deg C and it takes about 2 hours in my jacketed fermenter to get to 80 deg C so it has pretty good conversion. Its the no heating mashing method that I read about and tried. Its been working. The last couple of corn mashes that I did this way got 6% ABV on the beer and it made some pretty decent moonshine even distilled off grain.
  15. DonMateo

    How long does it take for whiskey mash to ferment ?

    I am a beginner but for barley mashes I do 7 days. I recently made a Sour mash bourbon that I let ferment for 4 weeks. The bourbon it made was amazing. And if I am going to be away I will set a moonshine corn mash fermenting for up to 4 weeks. If I get a Lacto I run it anyway. Makes great whiskey but I dont do it deliberately.
  16. DonMateo

    Bourbon/American Whiskey

    AB1965. I am setting up a distillery in Mendoza Argentina and I am just starting to build the warehouse I need. While I am still testing recipes I starting with some private sales. But I have tried making some American whiskey and its great. My processes are small, doing 400l mashes, but recently I made a very nice Gentleman Jack copy. Although I did an on grain fermentation and let it ferment for about 4 weeks but the result was great. I think it fermented for far too long because my corn grind was too thick. Anyway mate if your thinking of doing I would say go for it. I am aging my american style whiskey on oak but with a couple of lingots of south american woods for a different taste but I am allowed to do it where I am. To answer your first question, where I am there are 2 large craft distilleries and 1 small one and about 3 in the process of start up. All of them want to make single malt scotch style whiskey. I am going to do some of that but I am experimenting with alternative grains and alternative woods. Last week I did a very nice barley and oats run. In Chile there is one small distillery that is making whiskey and they are trying to make an american style bourbon but they are at the end of the world in a place called Puerto Natales. I know there are some craft whiskey distilleries in the South of Brazil but I dont know what they make. In other parts of South America they make other spirits.
  17. DonMateo

    Separating rye and corn into their own mashes

    That just sounds like your just blending a rye and a wheat to get to a bourbon.
  18. DonMateo

    Using wood other than oak

    I am doing this now proving out whiskey on Brazillian woods that are used for aging cachaca. Its going very well. I am aging them in 50l stainless barrels with the brazillian woods cut into 4 inch x 1 inch fingers. Giving some great results.
  19. DonMateo

    No-Chill Method for Whiskey?

    I am just getting started and learning but I heard of the technique of just dumping boiling water on the corn grains to mash in and then let it cook. Corn needs to be over 80Deg c for 90 to 120mins to gelatinise. In a big mash tun. Mine are small at 240l. You dump 200l of water at 95deg C on 40kg of grain it drops to 90 deg C fast and then takes a couple of hours to get down to 80 deg. At about 75deg I dump in my Rye and wheat. That drops the temp a few degrees and then you let it go. Give it a stir to mix everything up and your good. The next morning when the temp is at 35Deg C I pitch the yeast and its off and running quick smart. Anyway just an alternative technique I read about that I thought I would try as in my current location I cant boil the 200l of Corn wash easily. I am probably loosing some efficiency but I am getting corn for about 35c a kilo. Its working so far. I got a couple of lactos last time right at the end but ran them anyway and they were great whiskey.
  20. DonMateo

    On Grain or Off Grain

    I did a couple of on grain bourbon runs a little while ago with electric elements and they worked fine with no scorching. I just had the heating elements dialed down to about 60%. The moonshine that came out was really nice. OK I didnt have a full charge of grain in with the wash, only about 20% but enough to cover the elements. It took a little longer but it worked.
  21. DonMateo

    Raw Farm Grain - Triticale

    In his book Alt Whiskeys. Derek Bell from Coarsair whiskey distillery. Says that Triticale is a fantastic grain to work with and makes a very nice whiskey straight or as a blend where you want a softer taste than rye but you want some bite. Apparently Triticale is a lot easier to work with than Rye. I am in Argentina and I have been trying like crazy to get my hands on some and its not easy. Go for it and try triticale.
  22. DonMateo

    White Whiskey

    PeteB. Read the aussie regulations mate. I am an Aussie too but I am setting up in Argentina and I have had to find the regulations here. Now in Argentina they are very very rarely enforced but the TTB wont apply where I am. Neither will the in Tasmania.
  23. DonMateo

    Malt Varieties and Location

    Get your hands on a copy of Derek Bells book Alt Whiskeys, from Amazon. It has everything you need to know about alternative grains and flavors.
  24. Craig, To answer your question call it a Liquor factory or fabrica de Licores. Matt
  25. Craig, If I were you I would be thinking of trying to make some interesting bourbons there not trying to compete with the old Pisco families. I lived in Peru for 8 years and subsequently I have moved to Argentina and then become interested in setting up a distillery here. But in Peru there are hundreds of different types of corn and a thriving craft beer industry so you can get other grains to make different whiskies. While your at it there is no-one in Peru making top quality gins with Local botanicals. Peru has about 10% of the Amazon forest and there is still a lot of knowledge up in the mountains of local herbs and flowers. You could make some gins that are great tasting and sell them to the tourists coming in and out. The same with bourbons. Anyway I am going to set up my distillery here in Mendoza Argentina, then I will do one in Chile and I am trying to get a mate in Lima to start one as well. The key to anything in Peru is getting the upper middle class to buy it and flogging it to the tourists. there are about 1.8m tourists a year go to Peru and most of them go in and out of Cuzco and Lima. Cheers and have a great ceviche for me. If you want to talk about this some more PM me. Matt