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    Discussion on Sale of Distillery

    I'd be careful on estimating how to calculate value, especially from a distance like this and not knowing your particulars. The pricetag is dependent on so many variables, it can be staggering. Location, absolutely, but also what and how the business functions is paramount. On the one hand, if you're a lean shop, no dedicated sales (on/off premise, retail) or production staff, it's doubtful anyone would consider any cashflow formulas. They aren't buying a system, people or processes, they're picking up where you left off. And it would be absent the most important part: you. I would suggest FFE and assets (inventory/real estate) minus debt plus AR. If you have a self-driving production and sales team, processes that they follow without you directing their every step, budgets, plans/forecasts of sales, operations, etc., then the business may be ready to stand with or without you there. That' could be a better candidate for cashflow formulation. Just my two cents worth. I am certain there are more informed folks here too!
  2. Blackheart

    Shanken on shake outs

    A good read. Lots to consider for all players. http://portal.mshanken.com/vm2/3a79f565cc661e4a/25682/d78bc5f9e705567ca6473c7b9fa19141/25682
  3. Ok, this one seems like it should be an easy one to determine. Is anyone carrying a stock 750ml Nordic style bottle with a ROPP closure? The lighter glass version is ideal.
  4. Blackheart

    Is this useful or overkill?

    I'd look for durability, support and cost as factors. We just bought a new one from Hanna (the old one is now the replacement backup). https://hannainst.com/hi99161-haccp-ph-meter-for-food-and-dairy.html It's spendy but we've had good success with Hannah in the past and they support their meters without any questions. I got this last one because it's robust, waterproof and high accuracy. Don't forget: you will need a backup in case your good one dies (or goes for a swim).
  5. Blackheart

    Has anyone heard from Steven Cage?

    We have some equipment he sold us and we're having some serious problems getting hold of him. Has anyone heard from him? Is he ok?
  6. Blackheart

    Has anyone heard from Steven Cage?

    A conflict of interest? Seriously? On a product you designed? All I want to do is get your help or at least insight on fixing a gearbox and mount on a mash tun you designed. You cant do that? You cant even answer one of the many emails I sent to this effect? Phone calls? Texts? I am absolutely dumbfounded and was worried, hence this posting. Oh, and one would presume you would want to discuss the equipment your new entity quoted us for? This is just so odd.
  7. Blackheart

    Pass through distribution

    Slightly off subject, I wouldn't expect most distributors to do more than fill orders that you generate anyway, especially if you're a new brand, or new to their market. Most of us are an insignificant rounding factor in their larger portfolio, so they're going to give attention and bandwidth accordingly. About 95% of the on and off premise sales will be made by the manufacturer or their sales team. The best you can hope for in a distributor is for them to pay on time and deliver what you sell. If they don't have trucks or reliable delivery systems in place, they're already batting a .500 from the start. I wouldn't put a ton of faith in a distributor that does not deliver/or uses ad-hoc means of delivery (if that's their proposition in the value chain). Getting tied up with a thinly-resourced partner in this regard will hurt you. Poor execution of the sales you generate by the distributor will only hurt you.
  8. Blackheart

    Cleaning columns and bubble plates

    We open and clean our columns about 2 x a year. Change gaskets, shine it up, and make sure all is well. I'd say a minimum of once a year, depending on use and what you're making.
  9. Blackheart

    Glass Costs

    It was 22%. The seller offered to eat 4% of the cost.
  10. Blackheart

    Glass Costs

    Lol, we just saw an 18% price jump on glass. And we order by the container. Remember that savings you scored on lower FET? FTW MAGA
  11. Blackheart

    Mash tun and jacketed fermenters

    New or used. 300gal size. Message me on this system with what you have. Cheers!
  12. Blackheart

    Canadian-Made Equipment

    Hey there Steven. I would like to talk to you but you don't answer emails, calls or texts. Is everything ok?
  13. Blackheart

    CA Distillery For Sale

    Are you still selling this ?
  14. Blackheart

    Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger Design and vendors

    We have a Steve Cage wort chiller and a cold reservoir set up like Mike describes. Chills 300 gallons in about 30-45 mins, and that is with the reservoir being about 60-65f. And the tank will be about 75f when we're finished. Cool it down for a few hours and we're ready to distill using the same reservoir for cooling water. We have a small 5 hp chiller circulating the tank water and recooling it as needed. FWIW, Steve's design on this is great. Very portable, very easy to use. Money well spent!
  15. Blackheart

    15 and 30 gallon barrel racks available

    The filter housings are SOLD. The racks are still available. If you want them, make an offer!
  16. We have two types of barrel racks available for shipment. One is a modified single-bar 53 gallon barrel rack. It fits 30 gallon barrels and 15 gallon barrels (pics show how they fit). These are $65 each. We have 13 of them. We will not part them out; they go all together. The other rack is custom made for 15 gallon barrels. It's the black one. They are also $65 each and we have 6 of them. We will not part them out. Pics below. Buyer pays shipping from 29673. Email DR at Sixandtwentydistillery.com
  17. Blackheart

    Issues with a small equipment supplier

    Still using the sockpuppet account, dude. Try logging in under a different one. That may help.
  18. Blackheart

    15 and 30 gallon barrel racks available

    Bumping this post with an additional two items, as well as a price savings! The racks are now $50 each. Plus: We are selling TWO membrane filter housings, both from TCW. Link: https://store.tcwequipment.com/products/basic-stainless-steel-cartridge-housing?taxon_id=3 20 inch models. Brand new, never used. Retail for $625. We are selling ours for $575. Or $1000 for both. Add a diaphragm pump and you have an awesome in-line filter set up! Buyer pays shipping from 29673.
  19. Blackheart

    Distributor and wholesaler markups

    Agreed: Distribution is being consolidated all over the place. Consolidation means less competition. That means they take more in the value chain and we take less. New market entries/new distilleries: If you want to make some gains in the first few years of business, lobby your state legislature for limited self distribution. Especially if you volunteer something like paying an additional 5% of the taxes the state would have received had the distributor paid them as a middle man.
  20. Blackheart

    Bottlemate 910 label machine

    We had the bottlematic for years. Bulletproof. Ran probably 20-30 thousand bottles without many hiccups.
  21. Blackheart

    Is anyone using a monoblock filler?

    If so, hit me up. We're planning an upgrade and wanted to ask someone whos using one about cleaning, etc. PM is fine, or email me at dr at sixandtwentydistillery dot com Xox!
  22. Blackheart

    Case Sales Database

    I'm gonna wade in here and say that the 4000/5000 case number has a bunch of qualifications attached to it. How and where they sell that volume matters. What is their retail to wholesale balance? Do they sell 80% of their volume in their distillery store? Do they sell 80% of their volume in cocktails at their distillery bar? What state are they in? What metro area are they in? You get the point: there are too many variables to list that would put a number on case sales/breakeven point.
  23. Blackheart

    Turn Key distillery and Building for sale

    Is that bottling line a filler and capper, or just a capper? Wasn't sure. If you have model numbers, that'd be awesome. xox
  24. Blackheart

    How Much Should Proofing/Bottling Cost?

    There are a few contract bottlers on this page. By the sound of the somewhat limited info, you may want to reach out to a few and see what it costs to get in glass. To answer your question about skill: Yes. Plus, filtering will be necessary if the product is fresh from barrels.
  25. Blackheart

    Corking machine T-Corker

    We run one of these on a fully automatic line and it's pretty awesome.