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  1. Is Calcium hydroxide mostly for sugar washes/rum product when raising PH? or would you use this for all grain mashes also? Been using Calcium Carb. for a while and not super happy with it. I do like it more than baking soda though.
  2. Also what type are you guys trying? I just contacted Omega Yeast to pick up some trial yeasts they have three strands of Kveik.
  3. I got 99 problems but foaming is not one hehe. The mess...i could only imagine. Thanks again for the info!
  4. All the info is greatly appreciated! I have started stirring the grain cap often as I think it does excite the mash. More/different enzymes and try for more milled grain. Also lower starting gravity. At the end of the day I love the flavours coming from the product but it’s too much effort for low % washes. Try try again! Also we have not had enough runs to get backset yet so the plan is to start using 10% of that to help with the PH drops. Is a 3.75 terrible for the majority of the ferment?
  5. Just started a higher rye mash whisky and learning quickly how much “fun” they are. I can’t help much other than adding in that whatever we are doing doesn’t really create any foaming in fermentation or distillation. Although we have many of the above issues. Not using any de foamers at all. We are not even using enzymes. We are using 60% malted rye and 40% malted distillers malt. One issue is our grain is not even close to flour. Company we buy from claims they mill it as much as they can but it’s half way between what breweries use and flour. Huge grain caps when fermenting. We start with a high gravity of 1.090 (22 brix) and ferment around 88F using safspirit usw-6 for yeast. We can’t seem to ever get the gravity to fall below 1.040. We did once but this is ferment 9 and no luck. Mash tastes like booze, smells like booze and we get a decent yield out of the still. 60% using the scotch pot top from the start. Starting PH 5.6. Now one thing I hope is okay is that these ferments sit around 3.75 PH almost the entire ferment. We boast to 4.25 a few times during the 5 day ferment with cal carb but it always drops to around 3.75ish any ideas? Thx
  6. Update! Bottling housing are working amazing...but i have noticed the clear floating in some of our products and even some granular stuff from some of our infused product (mint leaves). Most products are perfect but i am not 100% happy. I re read this thread and pretty sure my filters are just cheap / junk. I am buying these: MB10N0.50N (0.5 Micron) MB10N05N (5 Micron) http://rainfresh.ca/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/MB-Series-Sep-2016.pdf I am running them first through the 5 micron then .5 micron and doing a pretty good RO water rinse before running the spirits. These are like 8-10$ each so its nice for our small batches as they are pretty much throwaway. BUT the end result has not been perfect and any help figuring it out would be amazing! Thanks!
  7. Love our gravity feed Mori filler. Cheap and easy
  8. I will send a pick of the tank and you can tell me how long would make sense! I think my still pot needs the same deal. Thx
  9. We are running into issues getting proper temperature readings on our 300 gallon mashtun. We have two thermo ports on the tank and half the time none of them are ever close enough to even read properly. We have one at the top of the tank and one at the front in the middle (about 150 gallons maybe a bit less). We take samples with a scoop and of course when the mash gets to the middle of the tank when adding more grain and water it starts to read, but most of the time we are usually over our target temp and lose out on a lot of the conversion till we add colder water or more grain. Seems like a losing battle. I have tested both thermometers and they both work great. Mashtun is jacketed and heated with steam! Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Would this work for a completely green column (10" with 4 bubble plates)? FCC/USP Grade Citric Acid
  11. I am working on cleaning my column on my still and I can't figure out how to remove the glass from each window in the column. I have the tool which let me unscrew the metal piece, but the glass will not come out. It's really stuck and i don't want to break with using a screw driver of course. Any suggestions? Its a used still so who knows when it was cleaned last. Thanks in advance!
  12. prcdc

    Aging Rum

    8 months ago I decided to age my rum in a 25 year old light charred barrel that had a TON of whiskey dumps over the 20+ years. Everything is turning out great, but i think my final product needs more toffee/carmel/sugar nuances to be where i want it to be. Any suggestions in what type of barrel (toast and char level) i should consider to keep this going? I have been doing a ton of reading on aging rum and tannins...but i can't seem to find out how to toast / char a barrel more or less to keep more tannins in the wood. French Oak has the most tannins, but when you heat the wood most articles say it kills the tannins. What am i missing here?
  13. I ran my 2 stainless filters into the bottle tank and it all worked like charm! Thanks everyone for all your help! I decided to flush with RO and it seems to work great. I am still not sure about the filters i bought though. I will probably look for a better online source since I am in less of a hurry now. Thanks again!
  14. I have my stainless steel filter housings in series with all stainless NTP ins and outs. I have polypropylene 5 and .5 filters. Now what? Do i have to run water through to prep the filters? Any suggestions? I am filtering and bottling such small amounts to start (300L) per batch i dont want to mess anything up haha. Thanks everyone again!!
  15. Found everything in Canada in stainless! Hopefully the filters are fine in Polypropylene. The guy said when i switch from spirit i can ziplock the filter and put in the fridge to reuse. Anyone have experience with this? I mean they are only 10$ish each but i am doing like 50-100 gallon final bottling runs so i don't really want to toss a filter that could last 1000's of gallons you know?
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