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  1. CalwiseSpirits

    Assistant Distiller - Paso Robles, CA

    Job Summary We’re looking for an Assistant Distiller to help run our distillery in Paso Robles, CA. Experience in beer, wine, or spirits production is required. We're willing to train the right person so this position is open to soon-to-graduate students as well. This is a full time position and an opportunity to get involved with a startup distillery and grow with us from the early stages. In addition to compensation and benefits, stock options will be available after 1 year of employment. Responsibilities and Duties Fermentation management Distillation Proofing Barreling Bottling Labeling Record keeping and reporting Materials ordering Cleaning and sanitization Qualifications and Skills Bachelor Degree (a science degree such as Wine and Viticulture, Brewing Science, Food Science, Chemistry, or Biology preferred) General knowledge of and passion for spirits Work or internship experience in the wine, beer, or spirits industry is preferred but not necessary Driver’s License and reliable transportation to our distillery in Paso Robles, CA Ability to lift 50 pounds, stand for long periods of time, stoop, bend over, reach Must be 21+ years old How to Apply Email a cover letter and resume to aaron@calwisespirits.com About Calwise Spirits Co. Our company was borne out of our love for California. We're a fast-growing spirits brand based out of our new home in sunny Paso Robles, CA. We're currently distilling Big Sur Gin made from wine grapes and native plants, Blonde Rum rested in chardonnay barrels, and Spiced Rum infused with oranges. New expressions will be released in the coming months. With a taste inspired by the California experience, our spirits are more than just a drink: they’re accompaniment to your lifestyle of adventure, exploration, and unrestrained revelry. Our spirits are sold through over 300 stores and bars in California, including Whole Foods Market, Vons, and BevMo.
  2. CalwiseSpirits

    Liqueur spoilage

    I'm getting into making liqueurs and wondering what alcohol content is needed to prevent spoilage. I know a liqueur made from extracts and sugar and bottled at 80 proof is going to be pretty much indefinitely shelf stable. But one of the products I want to make is a raspberry liqueur from fresh fruit that will have pulp and juice in it that I know can more easily oxidize or spoil. Can anyone point me in the direction of some references for determining the alcohol and sugar content needed to make a shelf stable liqueur? Are there any preservatives that anyone would recommend, e.g. citric acid or ascorbic acid? Thank you in advance.
  3. CalwiseSpirits

    How Much Should Proofing/Bottling Cost?

    I could do it for around $1.50 a bottle.
  4. CalwiseSpirits

    Precipitate in triple sec

    Update... according to my TDS pen my sink water is 635 ppm and my RO water is 265 ppm. This seems awfully high. I'm not sure if I believe it because the water tastes pretty darn neutral to me. My next step is to test it on distilled water to make sure the pen is working right. However, I switched to oranges straight from the farm that are not wax coated. Haven't seen precipitate show up since. Maybe that was the trick!
  5. CalwiseSpirits

    Precipitate in triple sec

    Just bought a TDS pen, going to check! I've been getting the oranges from a food distributor. Looked at the box, and yes, they are coated with wax. I'm getting another batch of oranges direct from a grower without any coatings. I'm curious to see if that changes things!
  6. CalwiseSpirits

    Precipitate in triple sec

    I have not. Has this already been discussed before in another thread?
  7. CalwiseSpirits

    Precipitate in triple sec

    Yep, I'm using an RO system from US Water Systems.
  8. CalwiseSpirits

    Precipitate in triple sec

    I'm making a clear orange liqueur by distilling brandy with orange peel in my gin basket and then proofing down with a syrup I make from cane sugar and water. It comes out clear, but I notice a week later there is some precipitate or sediment in it. My best guess is it's the sugar coming out of solution since it's not soluble in alcohol, but I thought I was avoiding that by dissolving it in the water and making the syrup beforehand. Anyone know what's going on and how to fix it?
  9. CalwiseSpirits

    WTB one 10-30 gallon used barrel

    Have you tried resubmitting your COLA? Some specialists are a huge pain in the ass and just make up rules so if you resubmit you'll get assigned to a new one that you may have better luck with. If you haven't done this already it would be much cheaper and easier than hunting down a barrel and putting your booze in it for a minute.
  10. CalwiseSpirits

    Self distribution in California

    I'm not a lawyer but here's my understanding... you can self distribute your brandy if you have a brandy manufacturers license (type 03) but you can't self distribute other spirits. If you have a type 07 rectifiers license you can self distribute anything you make.
  11. CalwiseSpirits


    I'm curious to know this too... bump
  12. CalwiseSpirits

    Assistant Distiller Wanted - Paso Robles, CA

    ^I jinxed myself. Operations won't begin for at least another month. Still reviewing applications.
  13. CalwiseSpirits

    Assistant Distiller Wanted - Paso Robles, CA

    Update: We're having a construction delay (big surprise, right?). At risk of jinxing myself... the new expected start date is now April 15th. I'm still reviewing applications!
  14. I'm in need of an Assistant Distiller to help run my new distillery in Paso Robles, CA. Your duties will include preparing and managing fermentation, distillation, cleaning, proofing, bottling, labeling, barreling, and record keeping. Some experience is preferred but not required. Passion for knowledge and aspirations to grow are more important. Expected start date is March 1st. Please send me an email if you're interested: aaron@calwisespirits.com About us Calwise Spirits Co. was borne out of our love for California and the necessity to provide delicious, locally-made alcohol to all of its inhabitants of drinking age (that, and making booze is a lot of fun). With a taste inspired by the California experience, our spirits are more than just a drink: they’re accompaniment to your lifestyle of adventure, exploration, and unrestrained revelry. Please visit our website for more information: www.calwisespirits.com
  15. CalwiseSpirits

    Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    I've been researching plastics that are ok to use with ethanol. Most IBCs are made from polyethylene. I like this chemical compatibility tool: https://www.coleparmer.com/Chemical-Resistance According to it LDPE is a good material to use with ethanol. The other sources I've looked at have all said it is inert with ethanol.